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  1. exiadynames

    i need a new manga or anime!!!

    Soul eater - both anime and manga are great and like full metal alchemist, the anime's story ends up going in it's own direction from the manga.
  2. wow, great job! I definitly love stellar Lighthouse
  3. exiadynames

    Which sig is better?

    the 1st one. It's visually easier to look at. Not alot of things going on in it.
  4. For newcomers I always suggest: Neon Genesis Evangelion + End of Evangelion Cowboy Bebop Code Geass Death Note Full metal Panic!
  5. exiadynames

    ~The Walking Dead~ (Poll)

    While I like Daryl alot, I feel Rick has had one of the most compelling stories out of everyone on the show and he's just such an epic character in general.
  6. Ghost in the shell. I haven't seen the others but having seen Ghost, I would highly recommended it just for its cultural influence and popularity. It's known to have influenced alot of Western sci-fi movies like The Matrix.
  7. exiadynames

    Looking for something funny 2

    Baka and test Heaven's Lost Property School Rumble - This may take a while to get good but it's totally worth the wait. It gets really good in the second season. Azumanga daioh - Also takes a few eps but by the half way point you'll be in love with it. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Lucky Star - The art style may be off putting for some. Great Teacher Onizuka
  8. exiadynames


    Yeah, It was a great series. I never understood why so many fans of the comics disliked it.
  9. exiadynames

    CN has officially lost it!

    I reckon Cartoon Network is only getting worse at this point. Only focusing on making profits off their programs and not delivering quality to their audiences. They cancelled shows like Young Justice and Green Lantern and they don't seem to regret or care how many people they've upset.
  10. exiadynames

    Beavis and Butthead (2011)

    Anyone know if there are plans for another season? I thought it was great return, in someways better than the old series. I feel like Judd didn't miss a beat with this return. I just hope it doesn't end so soon after such a long hiatus.
  11. exiadynames

    Favourite Simpsons quotes?

    Homer: "I Love these Lazy Saturday's." Marge: "It's Wednesday, Homer..." Homer:" (screams) Work!"
  12. exiadynames

    Ryuk T-shirt

    Good job! I'd buy a shirt like that over the ones that are official merchandise any day.
  13. exiadynames

    Good Anime Movies

    Summer Wars The Girl Who Lept Through Time - Highly Recommended 5 Centimeters per Second Akira - Also Highly recommended, It's a must see for all anime enthusiast's. Spirited Away
  14. exiadynames

    Romance Anime's for a Guy

    Beck: Mongolian Chop squad - Really grounded romance, not that cliche, clueless protagonist who has multiple girls interested in him but doesn't realise type. It's actually a great slice of life anime. Eureka Seven - It's got a great romance story to it, but it's definitly more of a mecha anime than romance. ef: A tale of memories/melodies - Really great romance stories in it. Steins;Gate - Again, really great romance story, not heavily focused on till the second half of the anime and it always plays a back seat to the main plot.
  15. exiadynames

    Bleach Coming Back!!!

    I don't think Bleach will be back for at least another year. I do hope when they bring it back they follow studio Bone's example and remake the original arcs and have them more faithful to the original source material.