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  1. So if Superpowers existed or if everyone had some sort of unique magic power what would you choose? Teleportation , Magic, guns Aim-bot, Invisibility? You post 'em I think mostly the ideas comes from anime or movies but if you got something totally creative then be sure to share it! For me telepathy would be awesome, And if magic existed i'd probably choose crash magic [Fairy tail ] Crash Magic: Magic that smashes everything that the caster comes into contact with; if the person is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally.
  2. VLC is bad? i have never had a problem with it in my entire life
  3. community is awesome. Jeff is flawless and the messages they give through each episode is just amazing. Too bad theyre running low on ratings and is in danger of being cancelled
  4. Likes Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Code geass R1 R2 Death note Black Butler Fairy tail One piece Durarara Baccano Steins gate
  5. The only..ONLY i say, reason i watched death note till the end was to see if L somehow with his awesomeness lived..
  6. i guess it all comes down to whether the anime is re-watchable. There are some anime which you could go on watching but some, they just dont make up to watching it again. Like baccano i could never watch it again, but something like Fairy tail, FMAB etc id probably just watch the epic scenes again and again
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    hihihi! sorry ty
  8. I dont know if this has been discussed here but how many episodes have you watched continously in a day? For me its 16 whole 20 minutes eps. It was this arc in fairy tail just was so intense couldn't stop!
  9. it had a lot of plot holes but wth i enjoyed watching
  10. I'm sure most of the people here download, but i have a lot of friends who watch online. I find watching anime online is not bad, if youre low on time and want to quickly get into action watching online is actually good. But watching downloaded ones are more sharp and choppy. i would watch anime online but after seeing an HD one i always find a noticible difference So what do you think about watching online vs downloading?
  11. first stage: rating - synopsis - reviews - dub/sub second: most important of all..characters/protagonist must be epic and attaching
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