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  1. I mainly just enjoyed the WWII COD games and that was it. So for me it's Battlefield. I've played BF4, but don't have it, just borrowed it. It's fun I guess, but for me I prefer BF3. I'm addicted to it! Almost 500 hours played now, I think I have like 4 or 6 left? LOL. Plus I play it SO much I'm almost a LVL 100 Colonel. I'm at 77 right now. Hoping to get it within the month. Since I can rank 1 or 2 lvls a day. Anyway, I love BF series to death, especially BF3 ^.^
  2. Very true. But also look at it this way, yes the whole pedophile is terrible gross, etc., but for some, it's an escape. For right now, it's legal, so for those gross people that want to see underage shit, they can take the temptation off, by watching Hentail or Doujinshi and the like instead. It saves them 20 years or life behind bars and such, and if you think about it, for them, it's just better to do that instead of try to find the real shit. I know you might think or some others will think, "But you shouldn't do it in the first place"? Well that's definitely true, but for some, they just can't help it. And since it's a very touchy subject throughout the world, I don't think you can get help without screwing yourself over by telling someone you thought you could trust. Anyway, I'm done talking about it, just thought I would throw it out there, mainly because since it's a touchy subject throughout the world, I'm weirding myself out lol.
  3. I'm seeing a few people state that not much progression in Shippuuden with the characters and such. Which is true, to an extent. As of right now they're telling the Kakashi storyline, can't really tell if it's a filler, or not, but still, I think it's good. Even though that is all the way current, so like 340 episodes in. Yeah I guess they did a lack of progression for the characters like Sakura, I guess Sasuke, because for him as I've seen others state, he's just given his abilities in Shippuuden, whereas Original Naruto you actually see him progress. For the main characters except Naruto you do see a lack of progression and they just have their awesome powers and abilities, but what I thought was interesting of an approach is we see more of the bad guys or like Itachi, and Pain. Where we all thought they were bad guys and such, but when you go deep into their filers and/or storyline it's practically otherwise. Hell, even for Obito. Essentially when it comes to very deep characters that are the bad guy and such, they have their fillers, and storyline and then you think, "eh, not much of a bad guy, I can see his morals and such, but his priorities are a bit messed up", and just shit like that. Of course very long Animes like Naruto, you see the bad guy turn into someone else, such as they still die, but they earned Honor instead of what we thought would happen when we first see them. And let me tell you, they really do all that hardcore in Naruto - You thinking it's the bad guy, he/she will probably die, but the bad guy stays in the storyline for a long time, and then we start to see Arcs/Fillers/storyline of that bad guy, and then he turns good, or dies a good death. Even though he/she killed a LOT of people. Anyway yeah, it seems we learn more of how the bad guy, or I guess non-main characters like Obito, Pain, Itachi, and the like, more than we see how the main characters from the Original Naruto got their stuff - In Shippuuden.
  4. When it comes down to it, it's not real. Who knows, maybe the governments have thought about it, and since it's not real, it doesn't count as pedophile stuff, or (excuse these touchy two words) child porn. Yes it may be weird but hey, they have those crazy Doujinshi websites out there that I have came across while watching porn (don't care what you think of me lol), and they have a TON of teenage content. HOWEVER, it's drawings, not real, so just from that... what? Just drawings. I don't look at those I try to avoid it, but I see it while browsing, and it's a legal website because if you practically type Doujinshi in the web search engine it will be the top 10 web results. Plus I've personally looked at the rights to the website, legal and all. Anyway, enough of that sensitive topic. Same goes for Hentai, there's a few (probably a TON) that are in the teenage ages and such. When it comes down to it, since it's not real, I don't even think pedophile comes to mind, more of the fact that you're a perv. And as I said, it's not real, so it doesn't matter. ~~~~~ As for your question, I don't care. I watch it because of the show, and a lot of those shows are quite funny, such as Girls Bravo, and several more, purely funny. And their ages are like 16 or 17 (like one of the persons above said), and you see everything. Not real, just drawings or animations. Nothing to it.
  5. Hmm, quite interesting! Would be nice though if when clicking a result it would open a new tab instead. Other search engines do it like Bing and Google, but I think on those it's either cached in your browser settings or your account, it does go into your account of course, but if you don't have one, not sure, probably browser. Anyway, whether you add some kind of accounts or not, would be nice in general if it could open a new tab instead of manually doing it. Neat thing you got there regardless.
  6. I think it looks awesome! I'm not sure if this forum specifically can make it so users can change the colours to what they want (like where that pink is in the screenshot), but if they do, you ought to give people the ability to change it or something. Not sure what I would pick. Other than that, I think it looks great!
  7. Recently I have started watching the Pokèmon, from the start, and I'm really enjoying it. I'll be watching it until the very recent of where the Anime is at (dubbed wise of course), and just bear the new voices and all that crap. Hopefully in the near future I can buy myself a 3DS, so I can get the new Pokèmon games... I'll just start fresh at the current games instead of buying old ones and working myself up the line.
  8. I own the awesome: HTC One. Love that phone!
  9. You know, I sadly haven't played many Anime games at all really... I've played a few, such as Lost Odyssey (favorite one), and the Last Remnant on the Xbox 360 WAY back in the day. And that's about it really. I think I need to get into Anime-related games.
  10. Hey hey hey, welcome! And enjoy your stay! And I hope you stick around, always great to get more members that join and stay and become a regular around! Hope to see you in the discussions.
  11. Hey, Emotional Outlet, I was wondering if you could answer my question from above and such? Just want your thoughts of how you would view it, to maybe get more people to join. This is a great community and such, but it's just really sad that it takes hours or days for someone to finally post you know...? :/
  12. Eh I wouldn't really say that, sure hundreds a day are changing to Netflix and streaming medias, but TV as a whole will be around for a long time... odds are if anything of what you're saying that television is gone, would be either the next gen consoles, or the gen after that. Then, that would be complete fail. But things like HBO, STARZ, etc., will be here for a long time... probably will still be here when TV is gone (if that ever happens, high doubts though). Until streaming medias can get new content such as a new episode on day-one, then maybe TV will fail and stream media will take over entirely. Hulu is kinda like that... at least at first. NOW, it's about a week after until you finally get the new episode on average. So even Hulu is backtracking. I still have TV, yet I only watch Netflix and streaming stuff (other family members watch TV). I really like how the Xbox One is becoming an entertainment system, even though I probably will hardly even use the TV thing, if not at all (probably will get rid of TV soon before the One comes out). But the cool thing that I'm looking forward to is playing games while watch Netflix or something... going to be sweet.
  13. I'll read more of these posts in a bit, but I would like to say something (for all I know it's already been said). Not sure if we can for whatever reason, but I think this forum needs some advertising or something. I really like this forum, and I'm starting to be an uploader of that sort. It just pains me when I post things on this forum, and it takes hours or even days until someone finally posts. I like the myanimelist's forum, but a SHIT ton of those people are complete dicks... you can just see from looking at posts. This community (at least so far from what I've seen) is kind and awesome, I don't see much flaming and trolling all that much (some here and there, but nothing compared to other forums). Is there anything we as a community can do to advertise or get more members, and hopefully people that wants an Anime forum and actually sticks around after the 15 posts. Not sure if their are rules of some sort of advertisement for the forums or something, so if there is, please post or something. What kind of advertisement or whatever? Well just links and such from signatures that would link to the forum or something from other forums. And other things... of that sort. OR, you could post the Kametsu forum on Facebook pages, or if you're an admin of a Facebook page, post the forum. I'm sure just doing that and having several thousand members in your Facebook page, you would get a couple of members here and there. This is a great forum, and I enjoy talking about Anime and such, but since the community is REAL small it just makes you want to stop or go elsewhere you know? There has to be something we can do?
  14. Well it seems as though people like him now, because he has joined Team 7 again... quite a turn really.
  15. Maybe. I'm not much of a vintage Anime lover, I try to avoid Animes that are older than the 90s. That's just me, I know, I'm missing a lot. But as I've said, I'm a technological guru, so I avoid the real old stuff.
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