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  1. I feel inappropriate

    1. jobonline20


      i believe you are inappropriate :P

    2. coffeeNiK


      Mama always used to say: Inappropriate is as Inappropriate does. :)

  2. I feel iinappropriate

  3. derminion

    Favorite Grandia game?

    First one, I started for the first time and just marathoned it.
  4. derminion

    Code Lyoko: Season 5

    The 3D parts looked terrible, I couldn't handle it
  5. derminion

    Megas XLR

    Best show ever at the time it came out.
  6. derminion

    Thundercats 2011

    I watched one episode and it seemed alright, I think the plot might get a bit stale after awhile though.
  7. derminion

    Do you like to read comic strips?

    The comics I've read seem to be written strangely not like manga and the whole thing just seams like an artbook with fightscenes.
  8. derminion

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    I watched the first season of Legend of Korra and its missing something that avatar had. It doesn't have the same feel or something.
  9. derminion

    Yuyu Hakusho

    It's so long that I never got around to watching this.
  10. derminion

    A Compiled list of Filler Episodes!

    Isn't bleach 90% filler? that's what it feels like anyways
  11. derminion

    Soft Subs versus Hard Subs

    Soft subs can work fine as long as you do them well, if you do it right it will look like everything is in english anyway.
  12. derminion

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    I watch dubbed because I don't understand Japanese and I want to focus on the visuals, I can't do that if I'm reading subtitles all the time.
  13. derminion

    High School of the Dead Manga

    I really liked the manga but I couldn't stand the anime, I wonder why that is.
  14. derminion

    Inuyasha: Final Act

    Where is it in the Inuyasha chronological timeline?
  15. derminion

    Rosario + Vampire

    I don't think it had a good story so I dropped it.