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  1. MrChunkz

    Should Energy Drinks be banned

    Caffeine is the most used psychoactive drug in the world. I don't think we need any additional legislation to change the legality of caffeine or energy drinks. We probably need better warning labels about the dangers of caffeine though. Similar to when better nutritional labels we've gotten over the past few years. But energy drinks shouldn't be singled out - it has less caffeine than coffee in most cases!
  2. MrChunkz

    Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

    Awesome! Looks like the graphics got even better than the previous games. I'll be sure to play it when it comes out.
  3. Rideback is about racing with a motorcycle/robot hybrid. It also incorporates some ballet. But like many anime, it extends a little further than just the sport.
  4. MrChunkz

    Hi This is MrChunkz

    Hey! I found Kametsu through cartoonworld. I think the place is pretty nice so far. I plan on being decently active. It's been a while since I was really active on a forum. I've come across the issue where either there's nobody posting or there's too much posting. My favorite animes are DBZ, Gungrave, Gundam Seed, Cowboy Bebop, and the Ninja Scroll series. I play a lot of League of Legends and Minecraft. I'm also really into football, specifically the NFL. Nice to meet you all!