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  1. Hey piret king if ur good at such there is a deal to be made for finding dubed zoids furthur detales look me up

  2. chandy10

    My gifs, sigs and colourings

    And stuy I first convert the anime into an avi file (usually i use a media splitter and only convert the time frame i want), I then put the file into VirtualDubMod and save the section as frame images. To then turn into a gif I load the files as a stack into Photoshop and then mess about with the frames until im happy.
  3. chandy10

    SOTW #9: Anime Girls [Results]

    Is Kazehana 'classed' as an Anime Girl... if so I came with this... may change bits later
  4. chandy10

    SOTW #7: Anything Goes [Closed]

    Bit of a noob at sig creating but meh why not:
  5. to sign a petition about making a oh my goddess video game


  6. Maybe what is it?

  7. can you do me a favor

  8. chandy10

    Favorite Pokemon

    Magikarp because: AND
  9. Doing as good as can be expected... I am so cold XD lol and busy busy busy ^.^

  10. I'm doing pretty good. How about yourself?

  11. All good now you know ^.^ and now I know you wont do it again =D.

    So how are you going?

  12. It is Blair from Soul Eater.

  13. i liked your avatar, from which anime is it from?

  14. I'm good thanks, what about you?