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    Kametsu is now on Discord!

    Call me when discord supports XDCC Downloads :P. That said they are 2 very different platforms and cater for very different people and needs.
  2. Yeah, pretty much what Catar said, the only other thing is that it's completely open source and so are the plugins. So you can usually get the exact functionality you are after and customisation. The video filters are still all there (and some) for those who really want it, just without the pretty GUI interface. And to touch on one of Catars other Pro points, MPV is always updated.
  3. Moodkiller

    Upgrade Recommendations for PC

    Lol! Actually, I'm just across the pond... in New Zealand... probably would still be hundreds fo $$ but a few less
  4. Moodkiller

    Upgrade Recommendations for PC

    Lol! How much? Moodkiller Googles the cheapest 1080 ti in the area... dies from the shock of prices.
  5. Moodkiller

    Upgrade Recommendations for PC

    Lol. Is it too late to say "too late" Well, I won't be buying your used graphics card... I'll just wait for others to list theirs instead.
  6. Moodkiller

    Upgrade Recommendations for PC

    What do you use your PC for? What are you wanting to achieve from the upgrade? Can @NeutralHatred really "hate" someone? Also Newegg have some good deals on varying combos of motherboards x RAM x CPUs - https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=StoreIM&Depa=1358 Latest rumour has it as follows: 1180: August 30 2018 1170/1180+: September 30 2018 1160: October 30 2018 Don't hold your breath.
  7. I have 2 questions/concerns/feedbacks regarding the following 2 points: Should be noted as well that this is referring to the dual audio rules, but could be applied to the others I guess. Regarding the [Audio Tracks], I do feel this is indeed redundant information - by "anime standards", one can assume that if the title contains '1080p', then the audio tracks will be FLAC, and similarly, if the title contains '720p', the audio tracks will be AAC/AC3. To me, having the [Audio Tracks] tag is just adding more information to the title that will most likely be listed in the main post description. At this point, there might as well be a [Subtitles] tag as well with the groups name <-- this is a dumb idea, pls don't... The other issue I see arising from this is what happens if there are different audio codes used for each resolution. I.e in the case where there is no FLAC track available for the 1080p. Using this example "[AAC 5.1 | FLAC 5.1] [Dual Audio]", would it now have to be [AAC 5.1 | FLAC 5.1 & AAC 5.1] [Dual Audio]? Also, what is meant by "(this may seem redundant, but it is useful in notifications since they do not always include the board)"? The second point I want to address: Absurdly long titles. "- providing a worthwhile release of obscurity | STATUS: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES" doesn't add anything useful to the title, compared to the beginning part "[MULTI] [CTR] Red Garden [DVD 480p] ..." If you really want to add that in, then I would do what you normally do in your posts @Catar and put "- providing a worthwhile release of obscurity | STATUS: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES" as the first line in the topic post so that it appears under the title in the forum boards or in the Similar Content section. For example, this: Becomes: IMO this just keeps the sub forums nice and clean and consistent and easy to read. I feel the only worthwhile thing to have extra in the title is a "status" field. I.e ~~STATUS: 04/33~. Finally, something else I don't believe I read, and this may be "obvious", but what are the consequences if one doesn't follow said posted rules? For example, if one doesn't add the [Audio Tracks] tag to their titles? Asking for a friend.
  8. Moodkiller

    Custom-bulit PC Shoppig

    @Tsu.Ku.Yo.Mi >isn't a gaming PC - I would look at the 6 or 8 core AMD Ryzen processors, 16GB 2666 mhz (or more) RAM, a B350 or B450 board and a GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1060
  9. Moodkiller

    Custom-bulit PC Shoppig

    This will probably turn into a brag fest... so without further delay: I did a lot of shopping around beforehand and eventually settled on this "upgrade" kit: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/j87V7W Everything else was from the original build, including 5x 8TB HDD's, powersupply and case. The price difference between the Ryzen rages were small enough for me to justify spending that amount on the CPU (and the fact that this came with the better cooler). Honestly, because of the timing now, I would hang off until the 2nd Gen Ryzens come out later on this year before buying. Should be some very good budget ones. Assuming of course you're looking at AMD...
  10. Moodkiller

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    Yeah, one can assume so. Ideally if your original drive is working fine, you'd want to do a clone. Personally if Acronis is free, I would go that route. It's by far one the easiest tools. We were just factoring price into this as well.
  11. Moodkiller

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    What software did you use? Dont think you specified... unless you're referring to Minitool? @emjay911 - Macrium Reflect 7 is another (free) option: https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree
  12. Moodkiller

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    No worries. Personally I'm not aware of WD offering such software. They only recently hit the SSD market so I would be surprised if they did. Also any reason you're going the paid route? Minitool will do exactly what you need and it's free...
  13. Moodkiller

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    Acronis True Image if you want something decent - I'm sure you can find a free version. You can clone the drive over and have it automatically resize the partitions. Otherwise Minitool Partition Wizard and use the Copy Partition option at the top. Don't use the Migrate OS to SSD because that wipes the source drive.
  14. Just a quick one (so quick in fact that I'm doing this on my mobile), if anyone notices any of mine or mirrored GDrive links NOT working,  please let the OP or me know in that thread. Something wonky happened in the webui and folders have ended up in the trash...

    1. (AC)


      sorry, fuckin spreading the calamity like this heh

    2. Moodkiller


      Haha @(AC) - at this point I don't know whats happened on that side of things. Too many variables. Don't know if you saw in ITHs MHA thread,  but the same thing happened... Difference is that that was a folder I and created and uploaded to, yet, hello Trash Bin my old friend. 

  15. Moodkiller

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Put that shit in a spoiler tag #hashtagspoilernotspoilerbutspoiler
  16. Moodkiller

    How to correctly downmix 5.1 audio to 2.0?

    Download eac3to (its cli based but there are some GUI's around) and use the following command (adjusting for file names and extension types of course): eac3to input.ac3 output.ac3 -downStereo https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Eac3to/How_to_Use
  17. I don't know why, but I found this the funniest part Still haven't even watched a single episodes, but don't really want to to be honest.
  18. Moodkiller

    SendTo-rclone-GDrive [Moodkiller]

    SendTo-rclone-GDrive + Synopsis: A simple .bat script to enable the user to Right-click on a folder or file and send it to your preconfigured GDrive account using rclone in Windows. To all of those using Google Drive, you should look at using rclone as the backend to get data to your GDrive. It's much better than the web interface and Googles Backup and Sync / Drive File Stream options. Prerequisites Installed and configured Google Drive rclone setup (https://github.com/ncw/rclone) Make sure `rclone.exe` is located in your `C:/Windows` directory. Alternatively, define the location here Installation Download/save the .bat to any directory you choose. Open the run dialogue box (Winkey+R) and type `shell:sendto` followed by the Enter key. Copy and paste a short-cut to the file in the SendTo folder. NB! Right-click the newly created shortcut, click `Properties` and make sure the `Start in:` field is empty (clear what's in there if it isn't). For aesthetics, click on the `Change Icon...` button and browse for the included icon from this repo (optional). Click `Ok`. Click `Ok` to close the properties window. Rename the created shortcut from `rclone-GDrive.bat - Shortcut` to `rclone-GDrive` or to your personal preference (optional). Usage Locate a folder or file you would like to upload to GDrive. Right-click it and go to `Send to` > `rclone-GDrive` (or whatever name you may have given it). A CMD window should open. Note: This window will prepopulate with the folders in the root directory of your GDrive account. Follow the onscreen prompts and input the required details (destination upload directory, confirmation and simultaneous transfers) ... File Hosts: Github repository: SendTo-rclone-GDrive
  19. Moodkiller

    SendTo-rclone-GDrive [Moodkiller]

    lol, ty @Catar The major motivation was to get away from typing the full paths into these .bats & and to also control the amount of bandwidth to use for a particular transfer (i.e the transfers count). Oh btw, found something interesting while reading through the options for rclone, you might want to have a play with --tpslimit-float and --tpslimit-burst int (https://rclone.org/docs/#tpslimit-float). Might help with the rclone mounts? I don't know if API limits are the same as HTTP ones, but worth a shot. By my calculations, --tpslimit-float should be set to a maximum value of 100 to avoid bans/limits. Granted this wont solve the total download limit...
  20. Moodkiller

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    One reason, Its to stop bots creating numerous accounts and website crawlers parsing download links in the non public facing pages. The public ones (users indexes and few boards) dont have any download links, so there is no harm with that info being public. This is a community, not a leech festival
    1. Moodkiller


      I think there is a meme for that, "Archive all the things!"?

    2. Zweeflol


      35TB damn, I need to step up my game.

      also I see you have fiber internet, sooo... fuk you and your happiness :(

    3. Etzimal
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  21. Moodkiller

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    Or one can do that, want to share your code?? - iirc, you made it bold and applied colour tags?
  22. Moodkiller

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    So, thanks to @Koby for pointing it out, there seems to be an issue where the now playing script in Hexchat falls back to legacy mode 99% of the time on Windows 10 1803. I say 99% of the time because there was one instance where it didnt fall back and it printed the feature rich content. For now, either bear with it or one can change the line: LEGACY_CMD_FMT = "me is playing: {title} in MPV" to LEGACY_CMD_FMT = "" This will just stop the script from printing anything at all until it works (that 1%). Fixes soon™
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    2. Moodkiller


      @Toddler Naruto - Mine is a bit different for 2 reasons, 1) I reside outside of the US so prices are "more expensive" and 2) I have an add-on to my plan that allows me to make unlimited calls to 10 countries - Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Ireland (Republic), Korea (sth), South Africa, UK and USA. With all that in mind, I now pay $130 NZD for 1000/500 (950/450 really) unlimited fibre and the Top 10 add-on. 

    3. Etzimal


      Moodkiller is a liar.


      I changed a few things in that SS to protect my identity. I don't actually live in the Google HQ, either.

    4. (Kirito)


      I pay about $15 (1000 INR) per month (rather expensive as compared to that of Toddler Naruto) & I can't make any calls or send messages either.


      That's something good u got there for the price @Moodkiller


      One thing is good in my country i.e. I don't have to use a VPN for downloading torrents.


      If I can't open a site (blocked by Government) I just add a "s" infront of "http" & then the site opens.

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  23. Moodkiller

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    Can you give an example of what you want to do? Personally I have no experience with such, however MPV makes use of FFmpeg, so if that can support the input source, I dont foresee a problem...