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  1. redeyes312

    Worst Game You've Played

    e.t for atari, freddy kruegar-nes, batman forever-snes, forsaken-n64, there are a lot more but that was the only ones i could think of at the moment
  2. redeyes312

    Anime you would want to watch more than once.

    naruto, bleach, cowboy bebop, fullmetal alchemist both series, inuyasha, yu yu hakusho and samurai champloo
  3. redeyes312

    Saddest Anime Moments...

    the moment jiraiya died or clannad nagisa's death
  4. redeyes312

    How much anime do you watch daily ???

    a couple episodes a night currently watching yu yu hakusho again
  5. redeyes312

    What game will you be getting next?

    if dlc counts then new map pack for black ops 2 zombies -ps3 feb 28 cant wait but for a disc based game then i would have to say metal gear rising too much of a hardcore metal gear fan to pass up
  6. the last i finished up was yakuza 4 it was a pretty fun game but would get kinda boring at times it did help that there are different charaters through out the story to play as that had a different skill set the only real reason i played is because i had played all others and was fan of the first yakuza
  7. stuck on dark souls second play through dragon slayer Ornstein and executioner and lets just say they forgot the lube am a lvl 90 knight build
  8. redeyes312

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    currently playing bf3 ps3 got back in to skyrim finishing up yakuza 4 and black ops 2 zombies ps3 looking to get help with the tower of bable trophy or someone needing another player for zombies
  9. i never actual played KH 1 either i own it but never played it. might just play it on ps3 but i think ill just wait till the hd release i played 2 and liked it alot cant wait for KH3
  10. redeyes312

    The Last Airbender

    i thought the movie was pretty bad. watched it in 3d on realese night i would have left but i figured i paid $13 so i might as well watch it if they do decide to make another one i wont be rushing out to watch it felt the movie was a let down to the series
  11. redeyes312

    Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Card

    my fav is darkness neosphere its been way to long since i played
  12. redeyes312

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    the teenage mutant ninja turtles was going through my dvd collection and felt i should watch it been years before that
  13. redeyes312

    Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo 2

    they should leave toy story the way it is
  14. redeyes312

    Disney and Lucasfilm

    never played any of the kotor games but heard they are really good but i dont really like star wars being disney now. wondering if disney will re-relese the old star wars movies with their brand in it... doubt it though
  15. redeyes312

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    the new episode left me wanting more.