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  1. I really enjoyed ToS...... not quite as much as the more recent Graces F though.... Tales is actually one of my favorite series period... I'm so anxious for Xilia coming this summer to NA its ridiculous... The ONLY bad part of Tales of Symphonia..... the sequel!!
  2. sony is giving out 10 bucks to "preferred customers" today on the PSN..... how they determine who qualifies beats me... but I got my 10!! thanks sony
  3. I gotta second all the recommendations for berserk here....... i could draft up a list but I feel like berserk can't be missed by anyone looking for "dark and violent".... garunteed enjoyable watch if you ask me
  4. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, the little symbol is a "Triscal" (often spelled Triskelion, Triskele, Triscalion et cetera....) and has been my signature on my art since I was but a young lad Hey friend! Thanks for taking the time to look and respond! You'd be surprised.... some individuals who think they would be extremely sensitive to, or have an aversion to, the whole process end up sitting better then most.... Also pain and discomfort is totally in relation to duration... in other words if the tattoo doesn't take very long to do, the pain is nominal at best.... I hate pain, and do not consider myself tolerant of discomfort AT ALL.... yet I have a great deal of my body covered in tattoos... they really are a "different animal" so to speak.
  5. Northeast Pennsylvania, right outside the city of Scranton
  6. Hello all! As stated, I am new to the forums here and I thought "what better way to introduce myself than show you what I do for a living!?"...... Soooooo, to briefly preface this post..... I have been paying the bills with art for many moons... my primary medium is tattooing (most lucrative for me) but I pretty much do anything I get paid for..... After working in street shops and doing A LOT of typical flash-tattoo (pictures on the wall) type stuff, I decided to move on to doing more specialized completely custom work...... And of course, while I'll do whatever my clients want, I have fosterred a small rep for being "that anime and gaming tattoo guy" locally (which is perfectly fine by me!) Anyhow, enough of my babble..... on to some pics... A miku inspired piece I am currently working on for a clients forearm. (concept) A everyones favorite saiyan prince for a leg piece! (concept) Start of a Mega Man X half sleeve! (tattoo) Who doesn't want a mario mushroom on their body forever!? (tattoo) Better than mario... its yoshi!! as a foot piece (tattoo) When I have more time I'll post more! I just wanted to quickly throw an example of what it is I do out there! Thanks for looking
  7. So I have a quick question before I go breaking forum rules.... what is the correct size and format to post images of art work in the art section? I am tattoo artist and visual artist by trade and would like to post a few things... thought I'd ask before I go and make myself into a "rule breaker" before I can even edit my sig and whatnot-LoL
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome I am using Firefox BTW and as far as my artwork goes I will be posting some in the art and literature section tonite or tomarrow Once again, I thank you for the kind reception!
  9. Well my tale goes as such..... As a young lad I was given 5 dollars a week to rent a game at blockbuster..... FF6 (3) came out.... week after week I rented it..... until finally I lied and said I lost the game so I could keep it-LoL.... I've been a JRPG player ever since.....
  10. Most over-rated IMO are 7 and 9..... they are great games... I liked them both.... just not quite as much as it seems others do....
  11. Loved the FF 8 card game and was highly addicted to snowboarding in FF7 briefly.... sidequest wise I thoroughly enjoyed hunting down all my characters in WOR in FF6 (although I don't know how much of this is truly "side questing" albeit optional)
  12. What a cool thread! Kudos to the OP for their work in tallying.... any-hoo, here are some quick votes off the top of my head.... this could prove exhausting if one wanted to be thorough-LoL Likes Evangelion (both TV and Movies) Berserk The idiot adventures of Photon Earth Now and then Here and There Howls Moving Castle Another Gosick Case Closed Lupin III Sailor Moon Scrapped Princess 12 Kingdoms Slayers (season 1 2 and 3) Escaflowne Hellsing Ultimate Steins Gate Kino's Journey When they Cry Claymore Persona 4 the Animation Madoka Magika Outlaw Star Ghost Hunt Serial Experiments Lain Niea under 7 Habane Renmei Canaan Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Disliked Slayers 4th Season Slayers 5th Season Princess Tutu The Familiar of Zero Queens Blade
  13. Fire Emblem by day and Ni No Kuni by night lately for me..... both titles stopped my play-throughs of Agarest 2, Wild Arms Alter Code F and Growlanser dead in their tracks....
  14. I personally would like to see something really off the wall done with the new Zelda... With Wind Waker coming to cater to those in need of some more traditional link in their lives, I feel its time to evolve Zelda.... I can't handle another "temple, new tool, explore a bit- repeat" formula with the same characters again.... I don't care if it is Zelda and relatively timeless in most peoples hearts.... I need something new from the land of hyrule or I'm not going back..... blasphemous as this may sound and at the risk of becoming mega-unpopular on the board here before I even have an avatar (LoL)
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