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  1. Any chance of doing Robotics;Notes ? [as a future project , after you finish some of your current projects] Also, about the CBM\FFF [1080p] Date A Live Remux that i asked if you plan on uploading, do you plan to upload it ?(when you can of course) Thanks for all your work
  2. We know. We were referring to when the US-BD (or UK-BD with better English audio quality) gets released with the English dub (or at least I was). oh you meant a future project, okay. Yeah , maybe we were being impatient or just jumped the gun too fast
  3. Thanks dude. For the remux, you've got to be slightly more specific as I say lots of shit in lots of threads However, my NAS is down for the moment so I wouldn't have access to those files anyway. As for FSN, are you referring to UBW or DEEN's version? If no one does UBW, I'll put it on the list. As for DEEN's 2006 version, I wasn't a fan and there seem to be lots of versions of it out there. Sorry about that i was referring to Date A Live (FFF\CBM 1080 Remux). For FSN , i meant UBW as I'm not not a fan of Deen's 2006 version either .
  4. Hi, deanzel ! Thanks for all your hard work , it's much appreciated You said on one of your posts that you did a FFF/CBM 1080p remux , do you have any plans on uploading it ? (Please ??) BTW , i really liked your Fate\Zero remux , is there a chance that you'll do Fate\Stay Night too ?
  5. I would like Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: The Angeloid of Clockwork in torrent if it get accepted
  6. Thanks anymay but Fairy tail do have a Blu-ray Release If it's not too much i want to request One Piece Movie 8 (well it's the only one released by Funi)
  7. We should be the ones to thank you , it's people like you that keep us HAPPY My request is Fairy tail and Baka ant Test the 1st season & OVA also can you upload Shana movie 720p\10b on torrent Thanks for your PERFECT quality encodes
  8. crash3-16


    What i don't get is how come lot of captains didn't use their bankais even when they where having their ass kiked again the espada and Aizen : Ukitake , Urahara , Kyoraku ... Also why didn't Aizen use his bankai ???
  9. crash3-16

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Just a tought : just HOW did Lloyd Royd defeat Zaraki Kenpachi ???? It doesn't make any sense
  10. crash3-16

    Is Bleach Finished?

    The manga is finished , kubo said that this is the last arc but i hope that it will at least get it animated like what happend with Inuyasha the waited till the manga was complete then the completed the anime
  11. crash3-16

    does Gin Ichimaru deserve to die?

    When did Gin die ???? All i know is that he dissapeared...
  12. I don't think that he lost his hollow power , it's just that he didn't have a serious fight where he was cornered to use his full power and bring out his hollow
  13. crash3-16

    will ichigo be head captain?

    looking at Ichigo personality , i don't think he will be head captain at least for the next 1000 year after that who knows ????
  14. crash3-16

    Eureka Seven AO

    Did Funimation really license this season ??