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  1. crash3-16


    What i don't get is how come lot of captains didn't use their bankais even when they where having their ass kiked again the espada and Aizen : Ukitake , Urahara , Kyoraku ... Also why didn't Aizen use his bankai ???
  2. crash3-16

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    Just a tought : just HOW did Lloyd Royd defeat Zaraki Kenpachi ???? It doesn't make any sense
  3. crash3-16

    Is Bleach Finished?

    The manga is finished , kubo said that this is the last arc but i hope that it will at least get it animated like what happend with Inuyasha the waited till the manga was complete then the completed the anime
  4. crash3-16

    does Gin Ichimaru deserve to die?

    When did Gin die ???? All i know is that he dissapeared...
  5. I don't think that he lost his hollow power , it's just that he didn't have a serious fight where he was cornered to use his full power and bring out his hollow
  6. crash3-16

    will ichigo be head captain?

    looking at Ichigo personality , i don't think he will be head captain at least for the next 1000 year after that who knows ????
  7. crash3-16

    Eureka Seven AO

    Did Funimation really license this season ??
  8. crash3-16

    Winter 2012-2013 Anime Season

    Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo ? is my favorite for this season
  9. crash3-16

    Wings? whats the point?

    Only Ulquiora looked cool with wings the others were ......i don't know
  10. I really liked kingdom hearts 358\2 The others are good but i like Roxas over Sora
  11. crash3-16

    Is every one forgetting about Death Note?

    I don't think that any decent anime fan would ever forget Deat Note
  12. crash3-16

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    So now ''How the heck is Zaraki related to Goku'' ??? Is what i want to say I mean come on , did Kubo head stoped fonctionning that he had to make to use DBZ set up << Getting stronger every time he died >> I was starting to feel that Kubo is out of ideas , but now the only thing that's really keeping me reading is Ichigo BACKGROUND history and how is he related to Juha Bach (most prabably by his mother) and what will happen to his Zanpakuto ?????
  13. crash3-16

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    Thanks for the hard work I just hope that the front page get more updated
  14. crash3-16

    Heaven's Lost Property Season 3 Announced!

    Thanks for the information I was really waiting for a 3rd season
  15. crash3-16

    Sekirei season 3???

    Seeing that the 3rd stage of the Sekirei Plan had just ended (in the mangas i mean) i think that the 3rd season will be a the end of this year Well i certainly hope so