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  1. Banned because you told him how to use my smilies
  2. Banned because you stopped my rein of terror on the earth (damn you and such)
  3. Your comment made me lol And ofc gays didn't go to McDonalds, have you seen how skinny most of them are
  4. Banned because I've taken over the world and made the human race my slaves.
  5. Atticus

    Hey guys...

    Welcome to the Kametsu forums!
  6. Welcome to the Kametsu forums!
  7. Atticus


    Hi ^^ Welcome to the Kametsu forums
  8. Welcome ^^ I hope you end up staying here
  9. Welcome, word of warning: Do not just spam your way to 5 posts .-.
  10. Banned because I'm just awesome so therefore can just ban as I please ^^.
  11. Atticus

    Ohai =3

    Thanks for the welcome ^^ My friend picked the avy for me, I worry about him sometimes... but it was cute
  12. Cool ^^ To be honest, it doesn't have a lot of features to start with, but just a quick google search for some plugins for it and it starts to get awesome =3

  13. I'll be sure to give paint.net a try.

  14. Yeah, I'm rather impatient lol. I just like Paint.net because of the simplicity :P But it still gives out good results ^^

  15. Atticus

    Ohai =3

    Thanks for the welcome ^^ I think I'm gonna enjoy my time here
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