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  1. Happy birthday Elsch! I miss you come back!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Have a good one!!

  3. You've long since left but all the same, Happy Birthday

  4. Elsy Where have you been?

  5. Omg im gonna watch clannad right when iget back to U.S cause the internet in india is so slow

  6. elsch's favorite colours are green and also silver
  7. the first game Elsch played is Super Mario World on the super nintendo ^^
  8. yes, it's Sanae. I enjoy getting random messages, so no apologizing, alright? ^^ I highly reccomend you watch the AfterStory. It'll bring you to tears, but it's also very very enjoyable. A good finish to such a beautiful show.

  9. I noticed your avatar its from clannad right? Isnt it Nagisa's mother? I really enjoyed wtching clannad although i havent gotten to see clannad the afterstory... : ( sorry for the random message but i thought i would ask. ^_^

  10. the sound of rain falling the sight and smell of flowers watching the clouds or a flame burning being with friends around a fire having a purring kitty snuggled up against you the smell of autumn seeing those around me happy and smiling
  11. Oh I've heard of that show. I've actually got it downloaded but have yet to watch it. It looks good and the drawing and animation looks great too! Right now though I am in the middle of Witch Hunter Robin.

  12. hehe, each of those worlds seem pretty dangerous to be living in! I think I would choose XII, just for the vast environments.
  13. I'm a gemini, born on June 7. ^.^ my zodiac animal is the rabbit!
  14. her name is Sanae. she's from an anime called Clannad. if you are looking to watch any series soon, I would certainly reccomend that one. there is also a second season called "Clannad: Afterstory", so be sure to start with the first one.

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