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  1. Persona 5

    I don't see Persona 4 or 3 ever coming to PS4. You're better off buying a PSTV or Vita if you want to play Persona 4.
  2. Howdy!! ^^

    Wait, Kametsu was around 13 years ago?
  3. @Raven Why was your Stranger Things thread removed?

    1. Show previous comments  18 more
    2. CyborgIcarus29


      i think most users on private sites use seedboxes to maintain build their ratio. 

    3. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @cyborgicarus29 Seedboxes aren't free though and I dunno what the best deals are for them.

    4. CyborgIcarus29


      i'm pretty sure you can ask guys like koby and the other major uploaders here about that. they will definitely help you.

  4. Black Friday 2017 Gaming Deals

    This will be the main thread to share and discuss all Black Friday 2017 Gaming Deals. First Deal: Kohl's will be selling the 1TB PS4 Slim for $199.99 and 500GB XB1 S for $189.99 during Black Friday, plus you'll get $60 in "Kohl's Cash". Source 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/PS4Deals/comments/78zytd/kohls_black_friday_ad_leaked_ps4_slim_1tb_for/ Source 2: https://slickdeals.net/f/10693448-kohl-s-black-friday-2017-ad-is-out-ps4-1tb-slim-199-60-kohl-s-cash-xbox-one-s-189-99-45-kohl-s-cash-more
  5. I vote for D.Gray-Man too, I can finally catch up on this show.
  6. [HELP] My 4GB Xbox 360 E Won't Download My Xbox Live Profile

    How can I "shoot a video" or take a screenshot? I don't have a camera or smartphone. I already created a XBL account on my PC and MUST specifically use that XBL account on my 360.
  7. I setup my brand new 4GB Xbox 360 E last night, and when I tried to download the Xbox Live profile I created on my desktop PC a few months ago, my Xbox 360 kept giving me random error codes. I googled them all and followed ALL of the instructions, to no avail. Am I going to have to reformat my Xbox 360 and start from scratch? Please tell me there's a simpler fix that doesn't involve me having to start over again.
  8. Same here, though I did originally watch Episodes 1-26 ages ago. This was before the license issues were made public.
  9. Nope. When they say S03 they means Episodes 52-78 of the original series.
  10. Not to mention we still haven't got a US Blu-Ray for D.Gray-Man Hallow yet...
  11. @SWatTX Please check your Inbox here, I sent you a very urgent message.

  12. All-New "DuckTales" Cast Sang Original Theme Song

    @redmole You can grab Episodes 76-100 iTunes WEB-DLs here: https://kametsu.com/topic/54267-mega-ducktales-1987-dvdwebdl/
  13. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    No worries I'm just happy you still have the show <3.