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  1. Hey there! I saw you on some of the different Uncle Grandpa threads, have you got any WEB-DLs for S03 (aka Volume 4 if I remember correctly)? I cannot for the life of mine find it and seeing another fan of the show urges me to ask about this. Every link I have found were dead. Thanks in advance.

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    2. Somebody_Mister


      Wait, so The Little Mer-Tiger, Inventor method and everything inbetween is Volumes 5-6? Then which one is S04 and S05? I am just asking because every person counts them differently; I'm talking about the S03 that is those 26x11min episodes. Do you do have anything from "that S03"? There appears to be a bit of miscommunication or I am just misunderstanding. Either way, thanks for replying; waiting for your other response. Thanks in advance.

    3. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @Somebody_Mister I don't have any Uncle Granda episodes at all, period.


      Sorry man but I always trash stuff after watching, I don't keep anything.

    4. Somebody_Mister


      Shoot... ah well, thank you for responding anyways.

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