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  1. Sure,thanks! I will never forget this community, I will drop by here.

  2. I figured it was something like that when you hadn't been around for days. Don't forget about us after your studies have gone. Good luck with your graduation and don't overdo yourself. Take time to relax a little when you can. See you around.

  3. I will resign being GFX team, please.

    Why? because I'm bit busy to my studies and I'm graduating so I need to be serious now, sorry again, I love here but I need. Sorry once again.

  4. Sorry for my absence. This is end. Koby won.
  5. Cast your votes guys! The Poll is now added.
  6. This is good for banners, good job. If this is a signature, you should reduce the dimension.
  7. you're up for SOTW =D good luck

  8. It's time for SOTW #48! This week's theme, as chosen by Trendsettah: Death Note! ATTENTION: Please read the rules before entering. New rules have been added, and past rules have been amended. These changes are bolded in the list. Good luck, everyone! Entry deadline: Thursday July 7th Voting deadline: Monday July 11th NOTE: In addition to your entry, please include what you would choose for next week's theme if you win. NOTE: I'm the one who hosted this so send the entries to me.
  9. kek gmv, I like it better. I would go for razor but the text is distracting the focal.
  10. lol, but I think you both better than me XD. Best entry doesn't mean it's the best here.
  11. I sent my entry, my best entry here so far.
  12. Nyan Koi for me? yes. Lol I like this theme. I'm the next host of SOTW XD
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