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  1. can you do me a favor

  2. Ayame_D85


    Thanks Leki, I like my avatar too. Thank you so much everyone, I'm glad I joined a new forum. I haven't posted anywhere in a long time and it feels good to be a part of an online anime community again.
  3. I'm currently watching Vampire Knight and Speed Grapher. Not to far into either one yet but I'm liking them so far.
  4. I would have liked it if they hadn't killed off Wolfwood in Trigun. That one has always bothered me since the first time I saw it. It just seemed so unfair.
  5. I would have to say that When They Cry is my favorite right now, I have only seen season 1 so I'm still holding out on completely deciding. I do also like Hellsing and Hellsing: Ultimate. I also very much enjoyed Devil Lady, tho I'm not to sure if that one counts as a horror.
  6. I far prefer the sub to the dub. I love the Japanese language for one, it just sounds so beautiful to me and I don't really mind reading. I do however prefer some of my anime dubbed. I only like a few of the dubbing companies tho so it kinda limits what I like.
  7. Hello my brother! Who'd have thought that you'd be the one to suggest a forum for me to join!
  8. Ayame_D85


    Hey everyone! I'm new to Kametsu Forums, but I do also post on Anime-kingdom.net. I've seen lots of different anime and am always looking for more to watch, I'm totally open on suggestions! I've been on a horror anime kick lately.
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