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  1. Final Fantasy will go on for as long as the franchise makes money. For the main series, it's really hard to say. Square really seems to be going safe with making side stories and spin-off titles that the main series is going off track. I hope Final Fantasy XV will a better experience and that Square will STOP with the MMOs.
  2. Probably either a Black Mage or a Sage, since a Sage can use ALL Black and White magic spells.
  3. Seems like a perfect anime for me. It takes place on a school campus, which I always love, AND it has demons. What's not to love.? LOL
  4. Namco has been on the ball lately for its fight game fans. TTT2 is going to be a beast.!
  5. So that not only means new characters for the side of Cosmos, but new villains for the side of Chaos.! I can't wait to see the new counterparts.
  6. I'm guessing Square Enix has been researching the Internet to see fans and their requests. So I'm getting new characters from each game will be revealed. I'm wondering who is going to be their counterparts.?
  7. Yes, it was that damn Jecht! I just got so fustrated, I just gave up on the game. But then I bough a GameShark and all my problems went away. However, I didn't feel like I earned seeing the ending. So...that's why I'm replaying the game again.
  8. Played a demo of the PC FF7. It was just where I was able to battle in the little arena place. Never got far though.
  9. In the final battle, it was Zidane, Stiener, Garnet, and Amarant. I usually just switched out my characters whenever I needed to level them up.
  10. Vincent Valentine FTW bitches!!! XD
  11. One of the few Wii titles that I'm looking forward too!
  12. One dog. Red nose pitbull. I hate that bitch. :mad:
  13. Labeled as the "random, but friendly" group. People love my randomness.
  14. North Carolina in the United States of America.
  15. Haha, why thank you. Just stating the truth. LOL