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  1. Mettaur_SP

    what are good anime films?

    Shin Angyo Onshi is a good one that is fairly unknown.
  2. Mettaur_SP

    Listen to the song above you!

    No comprende. Nice sounding song, nice story, bad acting.
  3. Mettaur_SP

    Funniest anime?

    As many have said before me, Ouran Highshcool Host Club or Fumoffu.
  4. Mettaur_SP

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Rashomon. Decades ahead of it's time, it still didn't live up to my expectations.
  5. Mettaur_SP

    Best Browser (FF, IE, Opera, etc..)

    Firefox, because I've used it for a long time. Chrome is probably better for everything, though.
  6. Mettaur_SP

    Anime You Hate?

    This is more "complaining about popular shows" then things really worth hating. Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity is really awful.
  7. Mettaur_SP

    House, MD: Series Ending; No Season Nine

    Liked it a lot for a while, but this is long overdue.
  8. Mettaur_SP

    Favorite Bands?

    High and Mighty Color Metallica Rise Against Girls Dead Monster (Angel Beats) Asian Kung-fu Generation
  9. Mettaur_SP

    whats the oldest anime you have?

    Akira. If movies don't count, Irresponsible Captain Tylor (jan 1993) is slightly older than DBZ (april 1993)
  10. Mettaur_SP

    How to play Legend of Zelda?

    If you don't mind dated games, then play the Oracle series and Ocarina. You don't have to though, you could play maybe Skyward Sword or Twilight then Windwaker.
  11. You should ask the uploader, not me.

  12. Most of the D. Grayman subbed links are down, I was told to inform you of this. Thanks.

  13. Mettaur_SP

    Ichigo & Orihime or Ichigo & Rukia ?

    Ichigo and Rukia, Ishida and Orihime. That fits.
  14. Rangiku can't do anything to Gin now (I was hoping for Gin to end up not dying by the end of the arc), Urahara is defeated (no bankai ), Yourichi is defeated (no sword/shikai/bankai) and Aizen said something about eating Urahara, Yourichi and Isshin. I think the last chapter is epic fail. Lots of things are simply getting skipped over (Kensei bankai, 0 Espada, Aizen beating people, Rangiku can't go over and talk to Gin) and I'm starting to get angry.
  15. Mettaur_SP

    Ummm... Hi...

    Well, hi. I like Bleach (I'm so looking forward to the newest arc in the manga coming out in the anime), and Fairy Tail (a little over a year ago I thought it would make a great anime) best.