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  1. Hello again everyone, It has been quite awhile since I've been back on here. I find myself stationed in alaska with all too much free time.
  2. To an extent the suits can pretty much repair them selves as well as help to heal its user if injured. Also the reason why a car doesn't start after being hit by an EMP, is because the blast goes through the car and fries the electrical parts. Really has nothing to do with antenna, an EMP blast would pretty much just penetrate through almost everything like an invisible wave. Superman would probably sweep the floor with Iron Man, unless Tony Stark made some Kryptaniote (which i can't spell) powered suit.
  3. I disagree with you that Batman would be a better tactician. For one, in several of Marvel's Timelines IronMan is in fact the leader / founder of The Avengers. I know batman is clever, but it usually isn't something that is thought out before hand. Imo batman is the one who usually makes a plan, it fails and then he rushes in and comes up with a last minute solution. To me that isn't being a good tactician but more so thinking on his feet. Not to mention usually batman only has to out smart a few enemies. Again on just a scale level as to what they face batman faces the smaller scale battles. Where as Iron Man, comes up against alien invasions that strive to take over the entire world. Where as usually for batman it's only related to Gotham City. Iron Man actually has experience at being a tactician, fighting large scale battles, coordinating teams of heroes, coordinating S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as leading the Avengers. So i don't think you can merely say Stark is an engineer and that's where is intelligence rests. because that clearly isn't the case. Especially if you go into the Civil War Arc, where Ironman (Tony Stark) is leading one of the sides in this epic war. I think people tend to over estimate batman. yes we all love batman, but honestly Batman never lead the Justice league. Batman isn't this master tactician everyone is making him out to be. He is a clever thinker and fast on his feet.
  4. For one you can't say Batman is smarter than Iron Man. Batman is rich sure, and knows some good strategy, but lets not forget Tony Stark is a freaking genius! Not only is Tony Stark rich but HE BUILT EVERYTHING HE USES! Batman buys his gadgets and puts them together, where at Tony Stark actually makes the technology and makes stuff from scratch. No contest really Iron Man wins. People like Batman ok cool, but really Batman faces crazies in funny clothes and Iron Man fights so much more. And Tony Stark has so many different suits for all different situations. So in a even fight both knowing who they'd go against Iron Man wins. Tony Stark has far more intelligence than Bruce Wayne.
  5. So I haven't used TucanManager for awhile now, and I recently tried to use it to download Rosario+Vampire which was recently added to this site, but for some reason TucanManager won't work. It says that the links do not work, but when I go to click to download an ep by going though megauploads it works. As well as the previous links i've had waiting to be downloaded don't work either. Perhaps someone can help me with this?
  6. I'd say because there are some people who like anime that take it just way too far. And you all know the kind of person I am talking about. And for a lot of people it is very offsetting being any where near connected or similar to said people. I mean I love anime, but I don't walk around my university with cat ears, a cape, or a tail on to my classes with pink hair. I mean really, I find that kind of behavior in such a setting to be inappropriate. I mean at an anime convention or places where it is expected sure thats fine, but that small percentage of people who just take things way too far give the entire community a bad name. And then there are the Trolls, you know the kind of people who either on forums or even real life act like pricks. Because they are the expert on said anime or character so they are absolutely correct and everyone else is wrong and stupid. There are a large number of these uptight, obsessed, and overly obnoxious people who just take things too far. And then there is the issue of the fan service, I think a lot of people in general are very put off by those elements of many anime series especially a lot of females. And on the reverse there are people who just look down on animation because they feel they are childish. In any case, that's my take on it.
  7. LOL. Its easy to die, anyone can make a plan and die in the process. But remaining alive is a lot harder when faced with such grand schemes. Secondly, as I stated in my original post I based my view on the fact that out of the 3 ONLY Lelouch was able to complete what he set out to do. While the other two fail and died. I understand there are a lot of fanboys who just love L and think he is the best thing under the sun, but at the end of the day he fail and was killed. And by the way neither of them died by freak accidents, they were killed by another. So your remarks about a big earthquake are utterly senseless. Furthermore L had the backing of different powerful organizations from the beginning, not to mention his so called "intelligence" would those not be on par with super powers? I tend to think so, batman was a super hero, and he didn't have super powers. And I can't believe you just brought up the movie 300, as the post after yours states. It is a completely inaccurate retelling of history. I can't believe you base your argument off of a hollywood movie. lol I say Freud you say the movie 300.. lol Also being intelligent in my eyes isn't just making a master plan, it is carrying it out as well. You can come up with a brilliant plan, but if it ends up getting you killed in the process sure seems it isn't as brilliant as one might think. And again compared to what L, Light, and Lelouch set out to do, Lelouch has the far greater task in difficulty. And again he is the only one who ACTUALLY completed his task. lol so really? lol
  8. I generally greatly dislike those kind of animes. Bleach, One Piece, Naruto.. IMO I think they suck. they are cheesy and lame. lol I feel they are just stupid mostly and they just try to keep the plot going on forever!
  9. Ahh tenchi definitely brings me back, was one of the first animes I watch as a child. I have a great fondness for those series. I definitely need to reacquire them as well. lol
  10. Well as subjective as this question and the definition of intelligence is I will put in my 2 cents. First lets take into account intelligence isn't as simple and static as some might be led to believe. In fact their are many different schools of thought as to what intelligence is and how it is gauged. Many of these schools of thought believe that there are in fact several different types of intelligence, that intelligence doesn't fall into one kind of category. But since this isn't a serious conversation as to the meaning of intelligence nor will it really touch base on the actual psychological aspects of it. I shall keep my answer in the realm of my opinion as everyone else is. As stated at the opening of my response this is a purely subjective question hence all answers will be equally subjective. Though it would be interesting to have this debate in a more serious tone with others who have studied psychology as well, that would be quite enjoyable. But in any case, I believe the most 'Intelligent" character of the 3 is without a doubt Lelouch. For the simple fact that he is the only one out of the three who was actually able to complete what he set out to do and remain alive. Both Light and L met their demises before completing what they set out to do, in fact i believe they were full of themselves. And also the opponents and situations Light and L faced compared to Lelouch was much smaller in size, quality, and quantify. Also I completely disagree with the thought that humans are unpredictable. That is a complete and utter fallacy. On the contrary humans and civilizations are very predictable and have been since antiquity. There is a reason why History is often compared to an endless waltz, because much like the waltz the motions of history repeat itself. And if one were able to understand the motives and feelings behind the actions of people, it is quite easy to read people reactions and moves before they know it. Freuds works touch on this. The ability to foresee the actions before others do it is definitely a sign of intelligence. In fact that is what all good strategies strive to do, from war to chess it is all about reading your opponents moves. And truly all you have to do to be able to predict anothers actions is to understand their mindset and where they are coming from. Lulouch did something incredible, taking warring factions and people of different backgrounds into coming together against a common enemy. Some people mistake complexity for intelligence, but that again is a fallacy. Just because a plan doesn't seem overly and obnoxiously complex doesn't mean it lacks in intelligence. On the contrary its rather pretentious to believe such. In the end perhaps Lulouch's plan seemed rather simple, but as simple as it was it was effective. The more complex a process or plan is, the more areas and chances it has to fail. Now given those two options simple and effect to complex, clearly the latter is not the most intelligent. And in the end Lulouch is the one who still breathes with his goal completed, where as L and Light are dead with their plans unfulfilled. Intelligence does nothing for those who are already dead.
  11. For me it's Maes Hughes! Such a shame he gets killed off so soon! Then I Greed, that is the greed from Brotherhood.
  12. For me it also depends on the quality of the dubbed audio. Because once in awhile I too find a series that is just so unbearable to listen to their crappy actors. Though for the most part I do prefer hearing anime in my native tongue, sometimes with subs I find I focus too much on the words and lose track of what's actually happening visually. So for the most part I generally tend to pick up the Duel-Audio versions of most series. And since most new animes come out in HD it is fairly easy to find good copies, though usually their is a longer wait.
  13. Currently on Romeo x Juliet, I find it rather sweet and enjoyable. But it has yet to captivate and entice me to watch it in one sitting. And I am up to Ep 11, I feel it actually lacks in the believability in the romance between Romeo and Juliet. So far, that is to say, the romance is lackluster and obscured.
  14. I prefer Code Geass. For one I didn't like the ending nor most of the characters of Death Note, though thats not to say that I didn't find the series enjoyable. In my opinion Code Geass had the more epic story as well as in my view the better animation. Not to mention I enjoyed the actual plot far more in Code Geass. And I feel Lelouch was actually smarter than L and Light, the fact that he remained alive I feel says a lot. But thats my opinion, to each their own I suppose.
  15. I am a binge watcher, meaning when I watch anime I usually watch most of if not the entire series. Though when I don't I seldom watch any episodes daily. usually when I have far too much free time on my hands and am away from friends and such I resort to filling my day with watching anime. You wouldn't believe how much free time you have during the process of enlisting in the military. llol
  16. I most definitely prefer Fairy Tail to One Piece. For some reason One Piece has always annoyed me greatly.
  17. Do you guys know where I can actually find TWGOK? It has been dubbed already am I correct?
  18. Hand down the best character is Onizuka from GTO. Come on seriously no other character is as awesome. Case Closed! =P
  19. I pretty much agree with all of those that have already been listed. But I'd also add in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. At first it seemed cool and pretty awesome with Gundam being set in a somewhat realistic future setting. But then it just got to the point where it became really lame. And I think at points it became way to similar to gundam seed, and destiny.
  20. If you are looking for a really good story I'd definitely check out Spice and Wolf season 1 & 2
  21. Shouldn't this thread be in the "Recommendations & Reviews" section?
  22. I would describe my anime watching habits as bipolar. lol I either watch it to the extreme or I'll watch next to none. lol I usually watch anime when I have nothing else to do. Though Im going into the Army soon so I think I'll basically watch no anime as I did in college. =]
  23. imo whether CB comes back in a week or never doesn't really matter. Koby and Indy put it really well. After all we came to this site for the awesomeness of anime! The Forum, the awesome content, and the cool people. So really CB is okay sure, I've used it like once, but at the end of the day this is Kametsu Forums, not Kametsu ChatBox. And if removing CB can some how help the site then by all means I am for it. The site in general is a privilege, I can't think of a better site to find anime. And CB if anything would be a bonus, and some dedication shown through posts makes sense.
  24. Hey just finished watching 'Heroic Age' I liked it was a pretty good series. Now I am wondering if there are any other show somewhat similar. And dubbed is preferred ty.
  25. I love my ps3. And to tell the truth I don't care which can perform better. Ps3 is cost effect, easy to use, looks and play great, doubles as a blue ray player, has free online play, the online community is fun, Plus I don't have to install my games before I play them. And when it comes to what is "better", it is subjective. So in my opinion I find consoles to be better.
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