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  1. lothy


    I hope it comes back , it started to get more interesting, i cant wait ~Lothy
  2. Thanks for all the replies great help
  3. lothy

    Top Game of 2012 ~Poll~

    The Walking Dead Skyrim
  4. Having to study for 1 month :(

  5. Having to study for 1 month :(

  6. lothy

    I have a question

    It shoulde, but IMO Nortan isnt a very good anti-virus program, i recommend kaspersky, has good reviews
  7. I use to use Daum Pot Player, but now i use VLC
    1. Zanco


      I found time to get off League to like your page my friend! Now back into my cave I go!!! FOR DEMACIA!!!! *Exploads*

    2. DrumRoll


      i have blessed you with my favour.

  8. Hey, I am just wondering about any new anime coming in 2013?, the latest anime (new) was Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! was really funny i advise you guys watching, i am also wanting to watch a new series what i am looking for is either a new harem to watch, a physiologic type anime or an slice of life genre of anime. Any suggestions will be appreciated. ~Lothy
  9. Bleach (again ) Naruto Shippuuden (waiting ep to come out on the 20th of Jan) hoping to get into a new anime
  10. lothy


    an awesome bankai to see would be Kenpatchi's
  11. lothy

    Why does Yourichi never use a Zanpakuto?

    Does she even have a Zanpakuto?
  12. lothy


    Does anyone have and information if there is a new bleach arc coming out? would be nice to know what happened after the fullbring arc
  13. lothy

    Bleach Swords?

    Try googling for cosplay websites, that is where you will find most bleach related items for cosplay