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  1. like the avatar

    dude where did you get it

  2. ds18

    Thanks alot Ma5K2 for the code

  3. ds18

    thanks koby your awsome

  4. ds18

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    she should cause i reckon it would be awsome
  5. ds18

    what would you be

    Soul reaper like toshrio
  6. soul reaper sounds better just got a nice ring to it
  7. ds18

    Ichigo & Orihime or Ichigo & Rukia ?

    Neither he should become a bachelor
  8. Ulquorra he stand more of a fight for ichigo
  9. ds18

    who is the most awesome character

    Toshiro Histugya for sure "reign over the frosted heavens hyorinmaru"
  10. ds18

    Is Naruto good enough against DBZ?

    Naruto is still better than DBZ
  11. ds18

    Your thoughts on The shippuuden dub.

    it was done really well not asa funny as Naruto though
  12. 10 when i was introduced to anime
  13. ds18

    Poll: Who would have made the best Hokage

    rock lee would be the best
  14. ds18


    naruto and hinata sasuke and sakura choji and ino