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  1. That banner isn't bad, but I don't like the emboss/embevel mode. (I never do, anyway.) Try to erase some of the edges with the Airbrush, but the opacity can be a bit medium. And for a border (if necessary), do this step. - Make a New Layer. - Fill it with white (or black) - Go to Stroke and select probably 1-5 pixel with black. Make sure it's in Center. (Or is it Outside?) Then use the Magic Eraser to erase off the white background. But otherwise, the sig isn't bad. ^^ Maybe a bit of work, but I'm sure practice makes perfect.
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    Hai, thanks for the welcome guys. ^o^ And lol, don't worry Exodus, I don't remember some of you guys either since I'm barely around anyway myself. XD And good to be back, Koby-san.
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    Although I haven't been around here for a while, at least I'm online. Just rarely... o.o;;; I guess I'm making a welcome back post. But I'll still be on sometimes now and then.
  4. ...I knew I forgot something. XD The Darn Disclaimer...oh well, I'll remember it when I post the chapter now. Thanks a bunch, EO. You're right on the rules, I've written a lot of Fan Fictions as well. And thanks for the comment, Pandemonia. ^^ Disclaimer: I don't own Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. If I did, then read EO's post since I'm lazy and she has it pointed out already. Chapter I: The Archer of Fate Morning. Clear blue skies. Alicia was in a ride on a Wagon with a white cloak, hoping the no one she knew would see her. As she looked up, she saw a village ahead. It was a peaceful village, the people were doing whatever they do. Alicia sets her blue eyes around this village. For a few moments later, she was already on a canoe, on her way to the entrance. The young girl sets her eyes on a Chapel that had two Statues that shaped like an Angel. She also thought about what's been happening to her lately, and how her life was scarred forever to this young girl. The canoe stopped to the entrance of the village. "Thank you." Alicia said and left. She enters the village and removes her hood. "Is this...the Village of Solde?" she asked to herself. She saw a sign that says "Solde". "Is this really the right thing to do? After this village, we'll end up in Dipan..." ["And that's exactly where we're going."] Silmeria said. "Wha? But...why?" Alicia asked. ["Because we're going to tell the King to prepare for a War with the gods. I thought I told you about Odin and what's been happening."] "I know all this, you told me before. And you also mentioned 'Valkyries', too... Um... Even if we did go to Dipan, my father wouldn't believe me." Alicia said. Suddenly, a pulse of sensation occured. "Then I'll MAKE him believe. I'm not gonna tolerate any refusal of this, let along the King's." Silmeria said, as Alicia. ["Yeah, but I can't go to Dipan. Everyone thinks I'm dead."] "We have no choice. Besides, Hrist won't rest until she finds my soul and brings me back to Valhalla. But to our advantage, it's forbidden for two Valkyries to be in Midgard at the same time." Another pulse of sensation occured. ["If Hrist wants my soul, she will kill you in order to obtain it since I'm in your body."] "I know that!" Alicia shouted, 'causing a few people to look at her. She continued walking. ["We will be doing some fighting from this journey, so don't forget that."] Silmeria said. "But I can't fight." Alicia replied. ["Then we'll find someone who CAN fight. Let's look around the village and see where we can find an ally as an escort to Dipan."] Alicia said nothing else. She walks by a place where a lot of people complain that there are no boat transportations at the moment. There's also a man with green hair, wearing some warrior-ish outfit and a red bandana on his head. He was also carrying a bow. The man was sitting there, in a calm face. Alicia removed her cloak and looked around. "What do you mean there are no boats?!" a man argued, along with other people who asked questions related to that topic. "Look, there are no boats to take you to Dipan. Remain calm until things are taken care of!" the Clerk replied. ["This is Hrist's doing."] Silmeria said. "What should we do...?" Alicia asked. ["We have no choice. We'll take an underground passage to Dipan. I hope you're armed for this."] "O...Okay." Alicia said and turned to the door. ["Wait! Before we go, ask that man to come with us."] Silmeria said. Alicia looked around, confused. "...Which man?" she asked. ["Who else do you think I'm referring to?! That guy, right there!"] Silmeria said, mentioning the green-haired man. Alicia turned and noticed the man. "Why him?" ["Ask me later. We need him to accompany us for battles, he seems to look like a good fighter."] "I-I can't..." ["Just go ahead and ask him!"] Silmeria shouted, giving Alicia a push. Alicia walked up to the man, nervous as always, and stared at him. "?" the man looked at Alicia. "Umm...." Alicia started. "Can I help you?" the man asked. "Ummm...I know...a great way to Dipan...and I was wondering...if you could come...with me...Ehh..." Alicia said, nervously. She plays with her fingers and smiled. The man smirked. "Why me?" Alicia looked at herself, feeling sorry. A sense of pulsation occured, since Silmeria was getting annoyed with this. "Perhaps I did not introduce myself. I'm Alicia, Princess of Dipan." Silmeria said. The man turned to Alicia again, surprised. "I couldn't help by seeing that you have some fighting skills in you. You see, I need an escort to go to Dipan and I couldn't judge your caliber. Won't you accompany me?" she asked. The man remained silent for a bit. "Alright, then." he said. He started preparing his stuff to go and Silmeria allowed Alicia to be in control once more. ["That should work out good. Don't tell him anymore information, like me sharing your body for example."] Silmeria said. "A-Alright." Alicia said. She and the man leaves the place and went to a store to buy some healing items just in case for preperation. Alicia and the man walks to the exit, Alicia started asking Silmeria a question. "Where is this underground passage?" Alicia asked. ["Funny that I, an outsider, should know a lot about this than you, Princess."] Silmeria responded. ["The underground passage will lead us to Dipan, but there will be monsters there. I guess you knew that by now."] "Hey. What are you talking about just now?" the man asked. Alicia turned. "Hm? Oh, nothing." Alicia responded. "You said that you're the Princess of Dipan, right? What are you doing here? Where have you been? And more importantly, what happened to you when this happened?" the man asked. Before he asked anymore and walked up, Silmeria took control once more. "What about you? What have YOU been doing all this time?" Silmeria said, coldly. "Come to think of it, you haven't even told me your name." The man looked at Alicia, stunned, but gave in. "The names Rufus." Rufus said. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Rufus." Silmeria said. "Now that we've got that settled, I suppose you have nothing else to say?" "I guess not." Alicia was in control again. ["There. I settled that for you again. Honestly, you need to be a little tough...Anyway, don't tell him more."] Silmeria said. "Okay." Alicia said. She and Rufus started walking to the Forest and look for the Underground Passage that'll take them to Dipan. --- Just so you know, I'm not gonna type exactly what the story says. I might even provide some humor and stuff. Anyway, two chapters up to far. I hope you enjoy the story.
  5. I don't know if you're allowed to post a Novel based on an RPG game, but if it's not allowed, feel free to delete it. This is my first novel that's based on Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. I hope you guys, well, enjoy it. XD Alicia and Silmeria share the same body, so I'll make Silmeria and her Einherjar talk in Italics to make a difference. Prologue: The Journey Begins "Open your eyes...Alicia." Thunder roared, and her blue eyes opened. Her blonde hair was halfway to cover her eyes. Alicia awakened and stands up to look around in a tower. Suddenly, a golden light emits from the sky. "Run!" a male voice said. Alicia heard voices inside her head, she looked around for an exit. "This way, quickly!" another male voice said. Alicia was still confused, wondering what to do. She started moving back a little. "Hurry! Before it's too late!" a female voice broke in. Alicia started running from the light. Panting real hard, Alicia started running faster and faster. "Quickly!" the first male voice said. "We're going as fast as we can." the female replied. As Alicia ran closer to the exit, a blade wrapped in golden light landed in front of her feet. This caused the young girl to stop. "Silmeria! Return at once!" a woman's voice demanded the girl. A woman in purple armor, but her face was hidden in the light. She walked up a bit, until the young girl responded. "I won't..." Silmeria responded, in Alicia's body. Her eyes glowered in rage. "I won't return to Valhalla!" she slowly turned and grabbed the golden blade with all her might. Using her strength, she threw the blade at the woman. An explosion occured and the smoke covered the entire place. As the smoke cleared, the woman did not have any effect or bruises from that assault. "You will defy Odin to your last breath." she said. Silence occured. "So be it. But be warned, Dipan will not be taken lightly." was her last request to say. She smirked and walked into the light. --- Meanwhile, Alicia runs through the forest and stops by the plains, where the flower petals are blown by the wind. She tried to regain her energy, more like she felt to just continue running. "Thank you." Silmeria responded. Alicia looked straight back to the forest. "There's no turning back now. Don't be thinking about anything that's happened back there." Alicia looked ahead to the road in a determined face. "Let's go." she said. She started walking forward to wherever she headed to, without turning back. This story begins with a Valkyrie who betrayed Odin, a Valkyrie who shares the body of a Princess. This is Silmeria and Alicia's Story. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria --- This is the Prologue so far. Expect Chapter 1 to be up soon. Otherwise, feel free to tell me what you think. ^^
  6. When I was young, my father bought a Nintendo 64 along with Mario Kart 64. He was the reason I'm a Gamer today... But he passed away when I was eight-years-old and I continued having fun playing games ever since.
  7. Hmm...I'd have to say either the Valkyrie Profile or Drakengard series. XD I liked the storylines and...well, Final Fantasy is always the popular series. For FF, I liked III, Dirge of Cerberus, X, X-2, and XII so far.
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    *Waves to Azerty* Hiya, Azerty~ Welcome. ^^
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    Hallu, Exodus~ Welcome to the Forums of Forgotten Memories. ^^ (Yeah, that was too formal. >_o;; )
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    Hallu! ^^

    Koby: XP Riku: I love your av and sig set! =D Riku is love~ <3 VincentsLucrecia: Thank you. ^^
  11. Yuffie all the way! ^^ And I like Vincent, Cloud, Kadaj, ahh the heck... I like them all, but mostly Yuffie.
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    Yes, Koby. The famous Sakura of DFT has returned. =P XD JK, yes it's good old me. And thanks for the welcomes. ^^
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    Nya, this place has changed...in a good way. But yeah, just wanted to say hi to the Forgotten Memories Forum members and... I honestly have nothing else to say. o.o
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