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  1. Have to agree it is quite strange, I think the ppl who say it aren't comfortable enough with themselves to play another gender Yeah. Agreed. It is odd why people seems upset by that. Haha, although in my case (WoW) probably it's becase some randome guy starts to hit on me and my first answer is: "i have a dick".
  2. I don't think is strange, AT ALL. I always prefer to play a female character when given the chance. Chicks look cooler in armor. I also get asked in WoW: "Why do you play as a girl if you're a guy" and my answer is "cuz i fucking want to".
  3. MGS games are always win. As for the movie - I just hope it doesn't suck. And to be worthy of the MGS name.
  4. PS3 Cuz I'm PS fanboy. Besides, there's no exclusives on the 360 that interest me. MGS4 and GoW3 - reasons enough for me to own a PS3.
  5. Fire Emblem for the GBA. Fuck! I remember getting my ass handed to me so many times in the last battles. But it was a really fun game.
  6. Yeah, It's definetly underrated. It was actually the first FF I played, and I thought it was awesome. I think people just wanted another FFVII. Some people just can't take changes and new ideas.
  7. Hopefuly it'll be an HD collection with the 3 FFs for the PS2. Although all I care is FFXII in HD.
  8. Ha, same here. Exept that I never got to play with Beatrix (aside from that part in Alexandria). It would have been awesome to have Beatrix in your party without need of cheats.
  9. Zidane & Beatrix. Zidane - I dunno, he became my hero after playing FFIX. He's just cool. I would like to be like him, guess that's why. Beatrix kicks ass. That's all there is to it.
  10. Wow. You know your husband since you're 13? I'm sure you have quite the story there. But I guess that's off topic. And it doesn't sound corny at all what you say. I think many fans would say the same, me included.
  11. A friend used to talk to me about this awesome game called Final Fantasy VII. Then, like a year after that, I was like: "What was that game again? I think it was Final Fantasy VIII". So I bought VIII, and I got hooked. Ha, I like it better than VII, although IX is my favorite.
  12. Holy Knight. Cause Beatrix rocks!
  13. The game is overrated. But I think that remake would be cool, since they could improve it a lot. Sides, it really aged. Looks like it won't happen.
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