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  1. dead space got hell stuck on the part when you have to shot asteroids
  2. at the moment im going back through mass effect 2 on the ps3 trying to get through the last mission with everyone surviving .. any tips ???
  3. toss up between Majikoi Oh! Samurai Girls and cat planet cuties
  4. this should not be a topic because batman has won this battle before it even took place
  5. Bubblegum crisis, tokyo 2040, salior moon (ah the memories), the orginal spawn, transformers and thundercats and i know it doesn't count (because its not anime) thunderbirds (head wobble)
  6. Provided its done well (and it has to be done well) Sword Art Online
  7. *SPOILER* In Sword Art Online when Yui dies arfter then spent all those episodes establishing the bond between her, Kirito and Asuna brought me to tears and yanked at the heart strings
  8. hands down natsu without him there's no show even its written from lucy's perspective and if you have to like happy because there attached to the hip
  9. duh coz im a dude in reality isnt the idea of gaming to escape reality what a better way to do that then to play as a different sex and/or race unless a online mmo where its best to stay your own gender to avoid any online awkwardness hashtag the oh crap your a dude moment (for reference wath SAO ep 1 lol )
  10. PS3 hands down however when i was first getting my console i was tempted to get an Xbox because it had more multiplier options with co-op and whatnot but ended up with a PlayStation because it had final fantasy
  11. toss up between cloud and squall because they both rock within story character and prowess
  12. when who and where ? ? ? ? ..................... keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
  13. Hands down Sword Art Online without any second thought and if not SAO then Cat Planet Cuties which is tied in second place with Fairy Tale
  14. everything how to another world and the ever evolving story
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