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  1. ive played them all, i havent enjoyed them all
  2. Really? another one? *sigh* they need a change of direction
  3. My mum bought me the wrong game when i was younger, that game turned out to be FFVII
  4. Nice review... It really is a popcorn show though, no need to disect it, just enjoy it
  5. Agreed @spider69, they have to keep the ost
  6. Naruto and Sasuke are light and Dark, but i find that alot of peoples opinions on sasuke are changing from good to bad
  7. Supposedly soon but you never know with kishi
  8. Punk Hazard would be a great arc to start reading the manga
  9. trapdkiwi

    One Piece

    A solid 8.5. Overall it keeps you wanting more.
  10. of course they are one piece has a bad=good , good=bad thing going on
  11. trapdkiwi

    One Piece

    It would have to involve water, so you were a unique devil fruit user. As for already existing ines id have ti go with the mythical phoenix
  12. trapdkiwi

    One Piece

    My first thoughts were that i hated it. I was watching the 4kids duc and couldnt think of anything worse but now i have watched it how it was meant to be watched i love it
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