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  1. if your bored of the casino one, just put an elastic band on my controller on the auto spin button, left it for a while then i had it ! as with the dlc whats actually worth getting? tempted by the lightning one as im told it rounds the story a bit more
  2. booney

    What game will you be getting next?

    i want the new transformers game badly looks so good
  3. booney

    One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    awesome news loving the dub, such a happy and quirky series. very happy there goin to dub more
  4. seeing Narutos mother was a shock to me and im now totally confused on where this will be taking the story, problem is might be a tad boring and move away from the fight. Im still lookin forward for kisames return every time i see the samehada im waiting for something big to happen
  5. booney

    Favorite Naruto Episode?

    Mine would be when choji is fighting jirobo, the whole final pill transformation was just awesome
  6. doubt kakashi will die soon, in my opinion it'll be might guy/yamato when kisame finally re-emerges from samehada. would love a final guy vs kisame fight maybee with an 8th gate release
  7. booney

    Bleach Live-Action Movie

    id be stumped to think of any1 to be ichigo, would say the classic jonny young bosh, shame he aint a redhead
  8. booney

    Best anime fight scenes

    bleach ways id say Grimjow vs Shinji, but broadly in all anime maybe goku vs tein from the tien saga in dragonball
  9. booney

    What is the last game you have finished?

    Finally finished MW2, bit of a disappointment in my eyes. but hey onto multiplayer
  10. booney

    Which Naruto character do you like and why?

    best has to be kabuto in my eyes, he'll just own now he's with akatsuki
  11. booney

    Anime: Who is your Favorite Bad Guy??

    my favourite would be Lucy in elfen lied, she was carnage encarnate