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  1. Episode 8 is missing in Amagi Brilliant Park

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    2. (AC)
    3. Valeria-chan


      im sorry yes the 720 folder there is no episode 8 on the Mega files

    4. Moodkiller


      @Valeria-chan and @madschultz1 - it has been fixed. You guys should have joined the "missing ep8 train" in that thread :P 


      Shhhh @(AC) - No v2's here...

  2. it only took me like 4 days which was much faster then the first time playing it the Axel moment still makes me sad though but i love the key blade i get from it it looks bad ass.
  3. Mine would be Pokemon or Cardcaptors what about you?
  4. What anime have u seen more then once or even more then that mine is Itazura na Kiss seen and completed 3 times and Card Captors 2 times. I am also working on my second time for Shugo Chara Junjou Romantica 4 or 5 times I love that anime Movies are all the Studio Ghibli Movies Mostly Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Whisper Of The Heart and Spirited Away. What are urs
  5. What anime would u never watch again for whatever reason mine is Mushi Uta Soukou no Strain I did not like either one of them. The only reason i would even concider rewatching them is if they made a second season n it would just be a refresher but even then i really dont think so. But what about u all?
  6. Moe Kare! I loved this Manga also Akuma na Eros I loved both of them.
  7. My fiance and I are so night people I hate being up in the day time more problems happen during the day well in my oponion but that is me.
  8. I prefer the hard subs only bc if i have to pause to read them they dont disappear most of the soft subs do not all but most.
  9. Most of the time it is the japanese english subs however there are something that really did turn out better in English but for the most part I will watch either unless the english just makes my ears bleed.
  10. I am sorry to say this but more often then not there are some that r really good but there are some that just have way to many things left open or right in the middle of a fight or something like that I would like to see some anime that doesnt do that but it is rare i am sad to say.
  11. I thought of watching Btoom but I am not sure right now I will have to wait n see I got way to many anime on my list as of right now really to worry about this anime.
  12. I cant think of what it is from either and i am normally really good at this.
  13. Myself ; Yourself is popping in right now and all of the ones already mentioned there is another anime that i am thinking but i cant think of the name of it for some reason.
  14. i really loved this anime i do wish they had more or another season but it doesnt look like they r goin to continue it which there is so many amazing anime i wish they would continue(fruits basket is one of them) but they still havent which makes me sad to be honest n i really mean that
  15. The fact that anything is possible there is no limit to what can be done in anime just like when writing a book bc there is nothing that cant be put in there
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