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  1. Hmm. My first choice would be Clare from Claymore. but my second was Motoko. ...... Clare is epic though
  2. Sounds good ill have to give it a try
  3. Np, same, I like new friends...

  4. Thanks for the friend request!

  5. Np, I like making new friends.

  6. Thanks For adding me ba11ard :D

  7. Thank you again for the replies! To answer your question Medora, I found this site by chance really. I was looking up some old anime and searching for Beyblade metal fusion for my son and I lucked out and found this site.
  8. I played World of Warcraft for 3+years. I was one of those people that said I would never pay more than once for a game, But I recived it as a christmas gift so I gave it a shot and stuck with it for years lol. My GF played it and then i got 4 of my friends addicted to it. It has to be one of the greatest games of all time "If you love RPG's" It had all the elements I loved in a RPG. I was able to go where I want when I want totally Non-linar. I could harvest my own Metal ore and create my own gear and weapons. Harvest my own food hunting fishing you name it. My server had over 50k people on it and as I write this there is over 11 million people playing it as of this moment. lol. I think I justified paying my 30$ dollars a month "My GF played so its 30$ rather than 15$" It was justified because the gameworld grew and any problem you had in game was taken care of. any glitch ect. They also constantly added new items weapons ect. Its like monthy expansion packs. This is a world within a world Very cool game. The amount of people playing as well is very cool. you constantly run into people and then theres Pvp battles and arena ect. I no longer play it myself but Ill gladly answer any questions about it.
  9. My Xbox live gamertag is, Entriganblue Feel free and give me a shout anytime.
  10. I have heard Alan wake is awesome from many friends. I will be renting it soon as well. Ill link some ratings for it if you like. Gamespot gave it a 8.5 http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/alanwake/index.html?tag=result%3Btitle%3B0
  11. I have some fond memories from playing the old games. Zelda on super nes to X-com ufo defence on computer. I think ba11ard is right with some games getting pumped out prematurely for the sake of deadlines and with that comes problems of in game bugs and worse a soul less game. I waited for Stalker shadow of chernobyl for a long time and when it came out they didn't deliver a lot of what they promised to the community. Although it was a great game. In general I have to say I love the new games and the tech that goes into them. You gotta admit World of warcraft and or The elder scrolls oblivion is pretty awesome in scope,content and size. I'm looking forward to better bigger games in the future.
  12. Im shocked this post hasent reached 1000 hits and lit on fire by flaming. lol. I have never met anyone that didn't like Naruto, Untill now. To each there own i guess. Naruto= Epic win. for the record
  13. Wow. That article was well written, and its amazing to see the changes now in 2011 than when that was written in 1998. I just found out My major cable company just created a anime section where i can pay a few dollars extra and order as many animes as I like for the month. I Cant wait to see more anime hit mainstream TV.
  14. Wow I need to catch up lol. I have seen a ton of standalone movies but i haven't had the opportunity to watch a lot of these series. I just finished watching naruto 1-200+ and now I'm at shippuden I'm a couple episodes in.
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