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  1. um i would like to point out wat you missed ^__^ 1.toshiro grew alot in 17 months (note:i thought they aged alot slower in the soul society?)(i will also note: he did get alot more handsome ) also maybe thats byakuya's scarf o.O 2.Byakuya (his out fit changed) it looks more like aizen's white Haori when he went evil but with out the sleeves ) 3.kenny let his hair grow ^__^ 4.Ikkaku to me i feel like he got buffer 5. renji's hair just grew more and he got a new head band NoTE* kenny and renji have been using the herbal eessences XD
  2. so im sure you guys have been hearing about it Mavel Vs. capcom 3 coming out. so wat do you think of the charater line up for it i mean there still haven't unveiled all of them at this time even though there should be a total 42 of what iv'e heard. but who do you think they should add into the game or who should they replace??? or wat about the game it self you think the fighting ok ,awesome ,or not up to wat you expected??? if you haven't seen the charter list http://marvelvscapcom3.com/us/characters
  3. but wat if Aizen didn't have the Hougyoku >.> then grandpa/C.C. would so kicked his but if it wasn't for aizen having that thing he wouldn't have lasted the fight
  4. XOokamixHowlinX


    well in the last chapter he called the dudes company so i think they might help him ichigo get his power's back and on a sidenote ichigo sister would be a intresting in my opinon >.> i mean if she really wanted to ,wat if she goes to urahara to get the training and succeeds in following ichigo becoming a powerful shinigami i would probly still be a bleach fan just to see were her road would leads
  5. ok this is going off topic again but i surprised nobody brought this up but RE 5 can't be the last wesker survives that volcano explosion O.O so there has to be a RE 6 if not then wat would be the piont of a secret ending??? thats like saying the secret ending of kingdom hearts was just there to look pretty and LEON ALL THE WAY WOOT!!!!MAN
  6. hey guys well i randomly was on yahoo today and something caught me eye =) there's this new gaming system that let you play video game's all under one roof pc's,ps3,xbox, all in one gaming system it's called On Live question is would you buy it?? more info here http://blog.games.yahoo.com/blog/192-onlive-99-game-system-the-future-of-console-gaming
  7. statues- by: we came as romans techno and scremo will always be good together XD
  8. this is why he wasn't the main charater XD GO balthier!!!!!!! Vaan: Who are you? Balthier: I play the leading man, who else?
  9. O.O your kidding me =O .dot hack getting a new game WOOOTT!!!
  10. hey anything new happening

  11. WOOT!!! Nokia ExpressMuzik-phone,mp3 and can watch vids, with 16G's && it can do more XD
  12. dude that was the last one i watched to XD it was awesome!!!!!!!
  13. XOokamixHowlinX


    At least that's the only thing that would make since, but it would have been nice for that to have been explained in the manga. And now manga chapter 424 is out... I wonder if the guy at the end of the chapter is the new villain? "No matter how extensive the damage may be (whether used on living beings or inanimate objects), the barrier can restore it to full working order by reversing space and time around the damaged area, making it as if the object was never damaged in the first place"...........so orihime can do more than just fix object she can bend space and time >.> and @Digital Reaper kind of but ichigo will still have his memories of it
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