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  1. I have a Mega Drive, PS2, and an Xbox 360, as well as a Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, DS, and a 3DS XL. Pretty sure I have a PSP lying around somewhere, and I have a GP2X and a Pandora as well. I do most of my gaming on my PC so not too many consoles, but quite a few handhelds from over the years (mostly for Pokemon).
  2. I'm making my way through New Girl, up to season 3. It's still pretty funny.
  3. Wow, very Guardians of the Galaxy. The director Taika Waititi has done some hilarious movies in the past. Looking forward to it.
  4. I picked up The Witness through the monthly Humble Bundle subscription. Along with it I got Layers of Fear, Black Mesa, Kingdom: New Lands, event[0], Tumblestone, and Slime-San (I've only heard of one of these games so it should be interesting). I also bought INSIDE and The Talos Principle because they were on sale. ...and yes, sometimes I buy too many games.
  5. I recently purchased The Witness, so I'm slowly making my way through that (puzzles hurt my head).
  6. I used to watch all the Disney shows on a Saturday morning back in the 90s. Sadly Saturday Disney ended last year though (not that I was still watching it).
  7. Anyone catch Wrestlemania/Raw/Smackdown this week? Hardy Boyz are back? Undertaker is gone? Angle is Raw GM? Balor is back? Nakamura called up? It's been a pretty crazy week. Also, the opening of Raw was ridiculous...
  8. I just got my rankings for the new competitive season of Rocket League. Gonna put some time into that over the weekend I think.
  9. Ooh, this could be good. I should go back and watch the series again...
  10. I agree that no one should reboot The Matrix. By all means, set another film in that universe. I'd be interested to see what direction they take it. Unfortunately, I disagree that no one could reboot The Matrix. Hollywood could, and that makes me sad.
  11. I am cautiously optimistic. I enjoyed most of Sonic Generations (and have heard good things about Sonic Colors) so I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
  12. I used to watch Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers a lot. Pretty sure we just had it recorded on a VHS tape along with some other movies. I've got fond memories of those ghosts (pretty much the Three Stooges), and the clues.
  13. I totally remember Jade and the talismans! Wow, I haven't thought of this show in... a very long time I kind of want to go and watch it now, see if it holds up.
  14. I played for about a week straight when it came out, then I realised there's not actually that much to do... I gave up pretty quickly when I realised it isn't actually anything like the main games.
  15. I have a 55" Panasonic for movies and TV. It was a replacement for the old 50" LG Plasma that I still have sitting around. I haven't gotten rid of it yet for some reason though...
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