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  1. Suikoden IV is probably the worst of the series. Not that it is a bad game, but for the reasons you mentioned it kinda turned people off. Suikoden III and V are pretty awesome though. My favorite Suikoden in order are II, V, I, III, Tactics, IV. Since I haven't beat Tierkreis yet, I didn't put it in my list, but so far it is a really cool game. I just got my castle.
  2. I got this game a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying it so far. If you know about the other Suikoden games, you still have the 108 stars you try to recruit. This time around though, you don't have many of the recurring characters, and you don't need to know anything about the other Suikoden games. This one is about alternate dimensions and such, which is used when you use the Wifi and comes up during the game to get from one far away location to the next. You also still get to have a castle full of people and raise your own little army of the Stars of Destiny. The voice acting in the game is actually pretty darn good too. Anyway, your thoughts on the new DS game?
  3. I read about this also. Sounds pretty cool. Just want to know what games they will have for it and how much this thing will cost per month.
  4. Resident Evil 5 is awesome. I have completed it on every mode possible with my fiancee! The co-op is a great addition to the series as well. Although I kinda wished this one had a darker atmosphere like the other RE games, but it is all good. Still a great game, and Wesker is the best bad guy in all of video games.
  5. Well I got the game a while ago and unlocked all the characters! Woo! Great game, and I think it is better than some of the previous ones.
  6. I imported it, and so far I like it! Battle system is alittle weird but it works.
  7. Suikojin

    Chrono Cross

    Oh really... Excellent... I might just do that.
  8. Suikojin

    Chrono Cross

    I love this game! I am sad I sold it way back when I defeated it. Ugh... I was an idiot.
  9. I can't wait until June 24, 2008 (Release date for FFTA2)! I am going to preorder it when I get my next paycheck.
  10. Collectors addition for me too. I also got the collectors edition of the guide.
  11. Suikojin


    Just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself. I saw this site on some topsites and finally decided to join this place. Anyway, I gotta go to work but I'll be back to post more in the forum. The World is Square!
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