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  1. introduction

    my name is hguzman2010 and i love watching anime. i'm interested in being a part of this community and hope to make lots of friends
  2. Manga You're Currently Reading?

    is there a way to download these mangas online? what about the screenplays for the anime
  3. poetictragedy's Showcase

    this pics are awesome, i really like the second one
  4. Favorite Movie

    oh bedazzled too with brendan fraser, anything with brendan fraser is basically awesome
  5. Favorite Anime

    Fullmetal Alchemist FTW!
  6. Favorite Movie

    my favorite movie is grandma's boy at the same time though, i haven't really seen any new movies
  7. Currently I'm watching Kenichi Dub and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 2 Sub
  8. Hi im new

    Hi, I like FMA and Kenichi