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  1. Are Atheists just rebels crying for attention? No, I don't believe so. Have you ever thought that Atheists were right? No. Do you think Atheists are evil?No - I don't think they are evil. How would you describe a typical Atheist? Looking for truth through mathematical reasoning, and logic. But, some just sit and disprove of anything supernatural without factual evidence. Do Atheists take themselves too seriously? I would think some people in general take themselves too seriously... Do Atheists hate Religious people? Some do, but I don't care. Are atheists evil? No. Do most Atheists just stop believing to rebel from their parents? That might play a role, but most just stop believing mainly because they can't see the supernatural as, real...
  2. Yuk, North Dakota? I heard much about that state in awhile; what goes on there anyway?
  3. How many members here have one? I do. Feel free also to post your ID's.
  4. What the hell does diffibulate even mean? Or do you guys mean defibrallate?
  5. omae no kizuguchi kuchibiru denazoru yume no hahen ga tsuki sasaru mune no oku kakusu ROMANSU no NAIFU risei no hada ni oshiateta yarusenai mayonaka o kuchizukede hiki saitekure omae wa saigo no ROMANTISUTO kiri kizame kokoro no soko made Darling ai no kazu dake kizutsuite mitsuketai tenshi-tachi no zansou KOTOBA ga munashiku kobore ochiteyuku jikan wa FURIIZU shi tsuzukeru itoshii uso de boku ni oshiete okure rakuen wo hiraku PASUWAADO kodoku sae yasurakana yurikago ni kanji rarerune mayoigo no ROMANTISUTO yakitsukuse kogoeta kokoro de Darling KISU no kazu dake kanjitai furi sosogu tenshi-tachi no namida wo
  6. Have you seen one unsuspectingly? Like walking down a dark alley and BOOM!
  7. It could be that your all squared and have no style. This place depresses me at times. It's like Final Fantasy X, but with the essence of me cauterizing myself for food.
  8. Reincarnation is fine. I've developed a distaste with south park it's more on the lines of ridiculous humor then it is funny. Debating with south park quotes is like debating with a tree. I wouldn't think Heaven & Hell is like south park. Developing a belief in in a religion that easily because it's like a show will only make you gullible. Do research on Heaven & Hell. And Heaven & Hell is nothing like south park. Satan isn't totally kicked out of Heaven he and his demons still have access to enter heaven at anytime. He wasn't kicked out for being a cry baby either. There are many views on why he was kicked out. One of the views I researched on was that Lucifer (at the time) didn't want to bow down to God's creation the humans, because he thought humans were inferior to Angels, and didn't want to bow down to them. and everything was only to bow down to God only, for God commanded it so...
  9. We either go to Heaven, or Hell; judged in that sense anyway. There could be some sort of difference to what humans think of Heaven, and Hell. Because, I read that Satan and his demons still have access to Heaven.
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=HCkYfYa8ePI Some of the questions are really easy and just basic stuff.
  11. I like most if not all Metal music, and rap.
  12. Army isn't for me, I already have a problem with most authoritative figures, so I don't think it would work for me. The recruiters love everyone who enlists.
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