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  1. Had to be Sephiroth's for me. Zidane's double bladed sword was a close second. Surprised at the popularity of the gunblade. I never liked it.
  2. Charizard, no contest.
  3. IX and X. I've played them so many times, I barely have to pay attention while playing them now.
  4. Man, it was a dead tie between the two Haruhi's but Suzumiya just edged it. But there are others that I like more than Haruhi but weren't on the poll. From within the same series I prefer Yuki over Haruhi. Soi Fon from Bleach, Kallen or Anya from Code Geass, Kyou from Clannad. All of these would have got my vote ahead of Haruhi were they on the poll.
  5. I prefer Soul Reaper > Shinigami but generally use Shinigami to keep dub haters happy lol Plus Shinigami makes me think of Death Note more than Bleach
  6. 1) Soi Fon 2) Urahara 3) Ulquiorra 4) Gin 5) Shinji 6) Isshin 7) Momo 8) Yachiru 9) Nemu 10) Ishida
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    So, yeah, I'm not very good at this stuff but hello to you all
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