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  1. The very worst thing you can do to ruin your movie watching experience is to watch the movie's trailer !! Literally !!

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    2. Grundy


      Yes , but oh so many trailers these days are full of spoilers . There's teaser , teaser-trailer , trailer , extended-trailer and then all the sites and youtube talk about the movies and if you basically follow all that , the movie is ruined . The are good trailers that don't spoil that much like @CyborgIcarus29 said but I prefer not to watch them anymore or read the news , watch the videos etc. ( after the trailers came out ) .

    3. emjay911


      Its not only about the story-line, basically the best scenes of a movie is ruined, a good example are comedy movies, literally the best scenes are in the trailer and when you watch the movie you are like, eh, not that funny anymore. Same for action movies, you are not as excited anymore. 

      You said it, years ago we had teaser trailer and trailers, now its trailer #1000 basically it provides the whole plot line and reveals.

      If you saw my desktop 15 years ago, I actually had a special folder for trailers, I would download them from Apple's Quicktime site. Yes, it was my collection.

    4. Saf


      guess you should never go to the theatre to see a movie. they play trailers before the movie ALL THE TIME.. or watch tv since a trailer might come on

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