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  1. The very worst thing you can do to ruin your movie watching experience is to watch the movie's trailer !! Literally !!

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    2. Grundy


      I personally see only 3-4 movies a year on a theatre so it's not a big deal to me . The blockbusters are usually in the summer and some of them in the winter , so they show 2-3 trailers of movies that doesn't interest me in the first place . 

    3. emjay911


      I only go the theaters to movies that really interest me and highly praised by everyone, think Dunkirk.

      About the trailers, before the screening, well if a movie doesnt interest me at all, I watch it, if its a movie I watch, I just look down on my mobile until it finishes.

      As for tv shows, commercials were I live do not include trailers. Plus I dont watch tv anymore, its only downloads and Kodi.

    4. (Kirito)


      I watch 2-3 movies a year in total (none in the theatre).


      I just watch the trailer & that's it 😅.

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