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  1. Thanks i havent heard of these 2... Will check them out thank you. And any other ideas from people i would still love to hear thank you.
  2. Yes movies are good too for options... Though i've seen this one and it was only ok. But i did like the ending.
  3. Anything else? And Even though Fractale didnt have any boy on boy "friendship" style... its was Awesome.
  4. Yes i did watch Fractale and was AWESOME... i'm the one that posted the longest version in english with lyrics to the Day star song on Youtube lol.
  5. Thanks. I finished Loveless.... It was Good Thanks. But not enough action for what the store was about lol. Any more suggestions everybody
  6. What what i mean in the title is I am looking for more Anime's that are boylove based. In both you have 2 guys that become friends but their's just a little be more their.... A Connection... And it grows stronger. That's what i am looking for. Any recommendations?
  7. They said they will... lets HOPE SO... I just loved it and the story is not finished but that's popular for anime's so ill cross my fingers as well.
  8. Watched Cat Planet Cuties and Haven's lost property and just got hooked. But i'm a slow reader so i have to get DUBBED. So for me that's important that the DUB version is good.
  9. I go to dvdtalk to check the releases and it's pretty accurate. Watched probably 20+ series and movies in last couple months thanks to that site lol.
  10. They remade the PC version but no. NO plans on making it HD or anything anytime soon. But it would be probably their biggest seller if they did. I cannot believe they havent done it yet.
  11. I have played them ALL but havent finished them all lol. Some i find boring or not fun like the game cube ones lol. But VI / VII and XI were my fav 3.
  12. I would say BUY XIII-2 cause it is actually better then 13, nicer graphics then 13 and FUN. So i would actually recommend to BUY this one.
  13. I have FFVII on PC and i like it. But i wish they would remake it into HD lol. But i'm still happy its on PC.
  14. BRING VII IN HD... Please lol... Was one of the best so i would buy it.
  15. X wasnt very good and they make it HD... They should remake the VII HD lol
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