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  1. if its a prequel y couldn't they put zack fair instead of cloud or both it sure would have been fun.
  2. 1. square enix 2. santa monica
  3. what the people want is blood since almost every good game in this generation has it! final fantasy 1-10 are the best but they screwup on words but the sequels and prequels been getting good like final fantasy 7 crisis core and we still got to see what final fantasy versus 13 has to offer since it has blood in its game play and thats what we currently need a good story with blood in it and on the game play, dont get me wrong i like the others but i got bored with the same thing over and over they need to improve there gaming and stories because im getting sleepy with the same stuff over and over i hope final fantasy versus 13 gives me a big slap in the face like crisis core did because square enix your gunna loose your stock holders with that big surprise of failures of final fantasy 11,13 and 14. still we'll have to wait for what final fantasy versus 13 has to offer and see if it improve the games of final fantasy.
  4. which games would u want to have sequels, interquel or prequels? i would want ff9 ff8 another ff7 star ocean drakenguard god of war and others
  5. i think there making way to many final fantasy's i think they should make more sequels like the compilation of final fantasy 7 but to the other games since they made the ff7 game even more popular and awesome which makes it stand out from the rest of the final fantasy's. what do u guys think should they make more final fantasy's or make compilation's of the final fantasy's like 7.
  6. heroes: Zack Fair- Rick gomez Firion- Johnny Yong Bosch Squall Leonheart- Doug Erholtz Tidus-James Arnold Taylor Cloud Strife- Steve Burton villains: Sephiroth: George Newbern Kefka Palazzo: Dave Wittenberg Jecht:Gregg Berger Garland:Christopher Sabat Ultimecia:Tasia Valenza
  7. if this is for the devil may cry franchise i only hope its a prequel even before devil may cry 3 and more like the origins of dante because this dante looks a lot younger than the silver haired dante.
  8. what they should do is put 2 new villains or heroes from each final fantasy in the series in this game. but who i really want to play is noctis from ffversus13.
  9. it clashes with the devil may cry series, this "new" dante looks weaker since he got chained up and tortured.
  10. the sequel has finally been announced and the newest characters are lightning from final fantasy 13 and kain from final fantasy 4 the other characters will probably be the same but what r your guesses on the new characters will be?
  11. 1.crisis core 2.god of war:chains of Olympus 3.kingdom hearts:birth by sleep 4.bleach:heat the soul 6 5.Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars 6.Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable 7.Tekken 6 8.Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 9.Lunar: Silver Star Harmony 10.Ys Seven 11.star ocean 1 12.dragon ball z 13.dragon quest 9 14.star wars:force unleashed 15.pokemon:silver
  12. crisis core game is just so epic and a memorable
  13. in naruto they talk more and in dbz they always fight soo i have to give it to dbz
  14. i did liked ichigo vs byakuya but now i dont since they copy many of the scenes in other fights. ichigo vs grimmjow is the best
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