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  1. I dont know, but good question! Why wouldnt they? Its not illegal or anything...
  2. "We are Fighting Dreamers" on Naruto
  3. Naruto Rocks!!!!!
  4. Zabuza from Naruto? Or maybe Itachi Uchiha
  5. 1- Naruto (my #1 fav!) 2- DeathNote (Love L!! ) 3- Ouran High School Host Club 4- Clannad 5- Bleach
  6. I miss Jiraiya! I cant believe Pein killed him!
  7. I love your vids!!
  8. I looooove Naruto! Itachi Uchiha??
  9. They'd be better
  10. I say Anime, it has more of the action than the manga. But I can't WATCH anime in my class at school, so sneaking a manga book in that situation works better ^^
  11. I so agree O.O i have nothing to add... Koby, you know your anime
  12. Ouran High School Host Club or Sailor Moon?? Heh, I love Bleach and Naruto, so others would be hard of me to think of more...
  13. Naruto, I'm on Chapter 24 ^^; i watched the anime and started the manga.
  14. :(

    I miss Zabuza and Haku!!! Haku was so great and cute and respectful!!! And Zabuza was so TOALLY AWESOME!
  15. That battle was so sad!!! It broke my heart seeing The Great Best Brothers fight!!!! T^T