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  1. j0344

    Namine Or Kairi?

    Kairi all the way if you know what i mean rofl
  2. It would be a good idea to bring in more money but he'd have to sign a deal with microsoft and he promised all of us PS people that kh3 would be on ps3 but i would love for him to make kh 1.5 remix for all the hd consoles!
  3. THAT WOULD BE FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! although i want a legit game to play as all the keyblade weilders (hopefully kh3)
  4. Probably the one that xehanort's heartless carries with him (i call it the genie heartless lol XD)
  5. Well im hoping for a kh3 that includes multiplayer and the control over all keyblade weilders (sora, riku, terra, mickey, axel, etc.) and of course just a crazy awesome war!!!
  6. This is probably one of the best decisions for the kh series that T. Nomura has done for awile cant wait for 2.5 and i hope it has kh 2 and bbs included and maybe the cutscenes from kh dream drop distance as well in hd
  7. Probably with naruto becoming hokage or dying as hokage while fighting sasuke (that would be pretty sick)
  8. You bet bro i think its because im lazy and dont like to read the subs lol but i only watch cuz the ED is kinda behind
  9. What if he doesnt have a face 0_o
  10. Well itachi I think is probably one the most important characters because he definitely knew almost all that was going on and a plan to over throw it yes he was resurrected but only partially but i dont think they are done with him...
  11. j0344

    Ichigo's Dad

    well the manga right now is going more into ichigo's parents and stuff so we'll see
  12. Because she has excelled in the physical parts of her shinigami powers unlike most soul reapers train to achieve bankai
  13. I know i thought chad was going to become a bamf during the arrancar arc but its like Kubo just gave up on that character
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