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  1. ok thanx 4 your help ^^

  2. Whats your favorite Naruto Ep of all time? --mine would be from naruto.The end of tears Spoiler?--mine from naruto shippuden.The ep where garra is brought back/going to find him.<---maybe
  3. uchiha royalist


    Hello hope you enjoy your stay
  4. iF anime then sadness and sorrow from sad scenes in naruto
  5. uchiha royalist


    Welcome Hope you enjoy your stay
  6. Oh so if it says Mp4 or psp behind it then it work on my psp?

  7. yeah I know that and usally works but some of the eps i download on2 my cp then transfer 2 my psp wont be there.But wjen i was looking through the anime on this site some had psp behind them does that mean those are the only ones that work on psp's?

  8. Oh Yeah & thank for all the anime ^O^

  9. Yeah I know about that but on this site after i download and then put that file on my psp i then go to my video files and its not there.And I dont know if its cause its not an Mp4 or not like some work but most of the videos on her dont...?

  10. Hi,I was wondering I'm trying to download from my computer to my psp (silver one) the anime I downloaded such as code gease and naruto shippuden but it wont work do you know what I should do ? hope you can help thanx :)


  12. Hey Koby I was trying 2 put some of naruto shippuden onto my psp from this website after I had downloaded them but for some reason it wont work do you know what i could do so they play on my psp? thanx

  13. Yeah I know sorry I've been told that Before I kinda suck @ spelling lol ^O^ thanx again Koby
  14. thanx ^O^ ummm i am somewhat funny jeez
  15. Hey Ppl just wanted to say hey....Hey ah i would list my fav anime but then i would be typing 4 a LONG time so i'll just say hello k umm see u or i guess type u guys around:byebye:
  16. I might but I just dont know anymore Poke'mon has changed so much from when it first started wth ash,brock,misty,and pikachu i think it really started to change starting with ruby version.but yeah i might hit up a few new titles if any come 2 the wii
  17. Thanx 4 ur help ^O^

  18. umm hey in was wondering im new 2 this site & i wanna download but well how do/where do i go to post so i can download?Any help would be very appreciated thanx ^O^

  19. This site is confusing how/ where do i post my 5 posts so i can download erg this is annoying

  20. hIIIII PPL NEW to this sit umm yeah just wanted 2 say hi

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