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  1. idk if u rly needed to know this, but i jacked ur pic on here lol xD it looked cool for a profile pic so i wanted it lol. uhm ok tks

  2. ok thanx 4 your help ^^

  3. If it's my post/upload then yes, if it's somebody else's and only says (MP4) then maybe.

  4. Whats your favorite Naruto Ep of all time? --mine would be from naruto.The end of tears Spoiler?--mine from naruto shippuden.The ep where garra is brought back/going to find him.<---maybe
  5. uchiha royalist


    Hello hope you enjoy your stay
  6. iF anime then sadness and sorrow from sad scenes in naruto
  7. uchiha royalist


    Welcome Hope you enjoy your stay
  8. Oh so if it says Mp4 or psp behind it then it work on my psp?

  9. Oh yeah. Only some anime work for the PSP, even if it says ".MP4" All of my Encodes are PSP, even if it just says ".MP4'. If it says ".MKV" or something it isn't encoded for the PSP though (only talking about my topics here).

  10. yeah I know that and usally works but some of the eps i download on2 my cp then transfer 2 my psp wont be there.But wjen i was looking through the anime on this site some had psp behind them does that mean those are the only ones that work on psp's?

  11. When you add them onto your PSP, dissconnect the USB and go to the video section on your PSP and press 'X' or enter it and they should be there. Files must be encoded into MP4 format to work on your PSP.

  12. Oh Yeah & thank for all the anime ^O^

  13. Yeah I know about that but on this site after i download and then put that file on my psp i then go to my video files and its not there.And I dont know if its cause its not an Mp4 or not like some work but most of the videos on her dont...?

  14. Download the anime to your PC (computer) and save it to a folder that you can easily access or anything. You need a USB Cord to connect your PSP to your computer and then copy the video files (anime or movies) and paste them into the 'VIDEO' folder in your psp system.

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