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  1. Not really its been a while i wouldn't go so far and say its matrixy but it has that feeling like anyone you know could be an enemy type thing. Uh i think at one time the female friend ends up in a library but yeah can't remember descriptions Oh and i think it had something to do with an AI. Keeping the inhabitants happy instead of something like the machines using humans as energy although similar concept could be applied. EDIT i found it, was called Caligula, based on a game
  2. So from what i can remember about this anime, it follows a guy on his way to school and he meets up with a friend or 2 and he notices something different about the world. Don't believe it's an isekai show but he ends up being chased for noticing something different and someone ends up helping escape which leads to him joining a group/club that's supposed to be figuring out how to get out of whatever they are into with another group attempting to stop them. That's mostly what i can remember from it. If anyone knows please let me know. I'll try to remember more details. EDIT: Some extra thing i think was part of the same anime, one of the members who tries to stop em is an explosive maniac. Think it was a female one too.
  3. MajorFoley

    Yugioh GX

    Well that would suck but what you gonna do i guess.
  4. So im a little confused at this but from what i can see they did 2 different versions for this anime with of them being a remake? Which one should i watch if that is the case? I do plan on giving the manga a shot later too since i think these have different endings. So yeah opinions on anyone who may have watched both?
  5. i see, thanks for answering the thread can be closed
  6. Hmm think it used to be known as eng dub kingdom or something but oh well you used to be able to download on front page
  7. Hey guys, i recently have been grabbing fairy tail dubbed from the forums when i realized i havent been to the main site for a while only to see that it seems to have changed alot, i cant seem to download anything there anymore. Was there something i had missed?
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