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  1. Playing Skyrim for PC... mods... mods... mods...

  2. If this is confirmed to happen by sony and microsoft, I'm done buying their consoles like alot of other folks here have said. I've thought about spending my money less on video games, and this would be the perfect incentive for people like me. Games are already too expensive as is for about 60$.
  3. I already got Skyrim and Soul Calibur 5.. next up.. I have to ... absolutley effin' have to.. get Dead or Alive 5. I still to this day call Dead or Alive 4 the closest thing to a perfect fighting game today SINCE it's launch in 2005 (or maybe it was 2006 lol *shrugs*), and DOA 5 looks great to me thus far. And I will get Ninja Gaiden 3, Tekken Tag 2, and Assassin's Creed 3 most likely someday down the line, BUT.. they pale in comparison to my anticipation for DOA 5!
  4. Avith


    I found the fact Bleach (anime) is ending very sad. Hopefully it will continue once the manga goes farther along. If they are just delaying Bleach so that it cuts down on filler episodes, I'm all for that. If it's ending for good for no reason, that's very upsetting for me. My guess is it probably is ending just because of how the last episode ended. It seemed very finale-ish. The last episode also seemed rather rushed and crammed in. Ginjo was completely overpowered too quickly by Ichigo. .. Some final battle ..
  5. This choice for me was very difficult. I went with Xbox 360. However, PC, PS2, N64, original Gameboy and PS3 followed very close behind in that order. It really just depends on which generation were talking about for me. My 1st system ever was NES. At that time, it was really fun, but didn't hold my young mind very long. Then I got the original Gameboy ... this is probably how I got "into gaming" ... mainly due to the original Pokemon games I guess xD. After that I got the N64. This is where I just got plain addicted to video games. Then PS2 which I played WAAAY too much. I seriously went through 3 PS2s. They weren't bad models. I just played that thing at an absurd rate. After Ps2, I got Gamecube and then the 1st Xbox. They were fun, but I had WAY more epic memories with PS2. Then Xbox 360 was the next one. After that, I bought the Wii then PS3. I have almost as many games for 360 as I do for all my consoles combined. Besides the 360's large library, there's so much to do with it. PS3 claims to do more .. and it does .. BUT the functionality/reliability is where it suffers in my opinion. ALL 360 games have the custom music option. ALLLLL!! This is a big deal to me because game music loop can be pleasant, but gets old very fast for me even if I really like the game's OST. Xbox 360 also (for me anyway) seems to have a better sound quality. I'll watch some anime I downloaded with a PS3 and the characters sound waaay more high pitched compared to when I play it on my 360. It might be just my PS3 .. I'm not sure. Also the music on my 360 always sounds less staticy. I also perfer the original 360 controller over ANY controller out there. To be fair though, I'll admit PS3 has some good traits too. Hey, free online gaming is always nice (though 50$ a year is like nothing imo xD). I don't need a battery recharger for a PS3 controller. The PS3 does it for me with ease. Though, I'm not that into HD graphics, but the PS3 games do look great in terms of visuals! No question. The Wii .. besides Brawl and the Zelda games .. it really disappointed me. PC was my 2nd choice just because of modding the Elder Scrolls series
  6. I know it's just an OVA, but it would rock if they kept the original voice cast and art style. Of course, it would rock much more if it led to a new season or something like that.
  7. Yeah, that was very brutal! For me, I'd have to say in Elfen Lied episode 1 has the most awesome kill. There were alot of epic and nasty kills in that episode, but there's one that just stuck with me. It was when a bunch of soldiers were lined up with machine guns aimed at Lucy. Some random hot headed soldier just ran at her and she basically punched his heart out of chest and his heart flew out and hit some guy in the chest. I was like .. O_O' Damn! Owned! xD
  8. I will listening and watch the OP and ED at least once. Afterwards, I'll usually skip it since I've already watched it (unless I haven't seen it in a long time or if it's just so epic I HAVE to rewatch it). If I really enjoyed it, I'll download the OST or rip the song from the episode.
  9. Awesome! I never heard about this! I loved the Kenichi anime series! Thanks, I'll be checking this out for sure!
  10. WOOOHOOO!! Kametsu is back! Good work on that and not giving up, Koby! Definitely thank you! As for my suggestion for the DL section, my vote goes 100% to file host sites. I recommend mediafire as our #1 choice because it's pretty fast, there's almost no wait time, and is multiple DL friendly as I'd call it. I don't really have much uploading experience, BUT I will try to learn and do my best to contribute in Kametsu's time of need! :]
  11. Yeah I know what ya mean. anyways mate I hope to talk to you again next time you pop by!

  12. This ... and I remember I was really disappointed with Fighters Uncaged for Xbox 360 for Kinect.
  13. A bit busy unfortunately. I'll try to pop in the forums here and there.

  14. Haha well glad to see you stopped by, how ya been anyway?

  15. Hey! Yep, 2012!! Wow, I haven't been on here in a while. xD

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