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  1. Woah. This forum has really amped up its style quotient. :D

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    2. emjay911


      New word ....




      noun: quotient; plural noun: quotients


      a degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristic.

    3. Bolt


      Hahah, it's been a while. A few years definitely, seeing as how I don't even remember that 7 years have passed since I joined. :D

    4. pixxelherz


      Good thing status comments can be edited now. ;P 





      Seven years, long time. Quit anime watching or whatever you were doing here? 


  2. Woah, blast from the past.

    1. Bardon
    2. Bolt


      Gahahahaha, glad to still see you around man. I've missed you guys.

  3. Bolt

    SOTW #139: Guns [Closed!]

    1. Malfahad! 2. Dn_Angel. 3. Nagisa.
  4. I love your signature. : D

  5. Bolt

    Request a graphic here!

    Deviantart is copyrighted, and being an artist myself, I don't use images from there, as that can be construed as ripping. Tell you what, I'll look for one myself.
  6. Bolt

    Request a graphic here!

    Haha, okay. What I meant was, could you link me to a a good HQ image of Akira or Kaneda? Or a render that you like? A render is basically an image with a transparent background. And Tag = Signature. Heh, sorry if I was unclear.
  7. Bolt

    Request a graphic here!

    Mind linking me to a stock or render that you like? I could make a tag then.
  8. Now you don't find me on any forums : P lol

  9. Bolt

    Various Signature Tutorials

    Heh, glad to help. I'd love to see some outcomes if you guys try these. @apr118: Yup. CS5 still has all the basic functions of Photshop. Completely compatible.
  10. I realise I'm almost a year late but... HOLY CRAP MAN, WHERE ON THE WEB CAN I NOT FIND YOU?


  11. Bolt

    First One Piece sig

    You might want to lessen the colour burn. Looks okay as simple sig, you could go a bit more complex though. xD KIU!
  12. Bolt

    Dead Space 2

    I think DS2 is one my best buys this year. Completed the game on casual, and am currently playing on Hardcore. I think I've died almost 30 times and I'm just begun. So much for my skills. xD
  13. So, here are a few signature tutorials, all made by me. I'd almost forgotten I had an account here. xD Hope they help! I'd love to see some outcomes. [Absolute Beginner] - Guerrilla Sig Tutorial: [Beginner] - Userbar Tutorial: The VISITOR BRK Font: http://www.dafont.com/visitor.font [Intermediate] - Reach Out Sig Tutorial: [Semi-Advanced] - Charizard Sig Tutorial: [Semi-Advanced] - Dead Space 2 Sig Tutorial: Enjoy!
  14. hahahaha you're here too? xD You're just growing up bolt ;) lol as in when I was your age I registered on this forum lol and now I'm 20! So, I think you're just growing up hmmm rofl!