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  1. I've read up on the enhanced edition and I haven't come across any info that states new content will be added, or the graphics will be updated. From what I can tell the game will have a greater compatability with current OS, be able to support a larger number or resolutions, and will receive an upgraded UI, nothing more. I already own the game, so unless there is something new and exciting coming into play, I pass.
  2. Sadly I gave up WoW a long time ago. I've had some good times playing my feral druid, some good times.
  3. I've had many great memories with a good portion of the games you have listed, wonderful collection.
  4. Not weird at all. Whats weird is that it seems to bother some people for some odd reason.
  5. Taking a break from gaming for a while.
  6. Diablo 3. One of the worst games I have ever played. The game was did not live up to its predecessors and felt like a cash-in to an established franchise instead of a true sequel.
  7. Started in 2001 when I would see the FF7 commercials all over TV, I decided that I wanted to play the game so I traded my Street Fighter Alpha game for it. Best trade I ever made. That game introduced me to the wonderful world of RPGs. From there I went on to many other types of RPGs including other incarnations of the series.
  8. I range from occasional to addicted, depending on the game I'm playing and how busy I am.
  9. I would like it if achievements gave the players points they could spend on in-game things that are exclusive to achievements. Stuff like armor, items, art, music etc. Now that would keep me coming back for more.
  10. The game is really good. However, once you get to level 80 and get the gear you want, there isn't much left to do unless you enjoy sPvP or WvWvW. Some more end game content is sorely needed.
  11. I own one and two. I like one way more than 2, although 2 isn't that bad.
  12. It would have been a good match. However I think Lee would have won since Lees skills are solely based on Taijutsu which gives him a natural advantage over Neji's Taijutsu, which is mainly a chakra counter.
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