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  1. Hey guys I was just wondering what's your favourite simpsons quote? Mine definately has to be: " where you saying boo or boo-urns?" BOOOOOOOOO Hans Moleman: " I WAS SAYING BOO-URNS" hahahahah this quote never fails to make me laugh
  2. Slam Dunk is a really inspiring sports manga if you wanna take a look at it
  3. I normally look it up on Myanimelist or Animenewsnetwork, if I like the description I take a look at it
  4. I really liked Yuru Yuri for some reason, it was hilarious and I'm now a Toshinou Kyoko lover
  5. hopefully they release it soon! I'm going into yr 12 soon and can't afford to waste time
  6. I hook it up to the TV with a HDMI cord.
  7. I only fall asleep if the soundtrack is too beautiful that it soothes the soul most recently clannads soundtrack was amazing and it made me doze of a bit
  8. Heavens Lost Property! After the series you'll be craving watermelon big time
  9. Toradora! you'll love it IMO it's THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD
  10. When they Cry Higurashi 10/10 bring some spare underwear when you watch it
  11. Anime teaches me some important lessons in life, it also has some pretty cool quotes and I love the drawings and just everything about it in general. I mean if we compared anime to real life trash tv like Jersey Shore. I'm pre sure anime teaches me alot more and that's why I can't stay away from it
  12. G'day mates! the names perfectblue and I love anime, I'm 16 and feeling on top of the world my favourite anime is rurouni kenshin and I absolutely love everything about k-on
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