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  1. Uncharted 3.... don't think I could make those jumps...
  2. StrifeCloud

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I am playing uncharted 3, great game btw
  3. I really wanted KH 2 in the collection too. Has this been announced for US release?
  4. StrifeCloud

    How Did You Get Into Final Fantasy?

    My sister showed me FF7 and was hooked to the series ever since
  5. StrifeCloud

    Your favorite Final Fantasy Minigames & Sidequests

    Blitzball from FFX was the best and also the chocobo race in FF7
  6. StrifeCloud

    Anime or Manga?

    I prefer anime but always want to read the manga if the anime does not end
  7. StrifeCloud

    high school of the dead Good or Not!!!!

    I like it a lot but there is still no word on season 2
  8. StrifeCloud

    Last Manga You Read

    Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
  9. StrifeCloud

    Ps3 or Xbox 360?

    I have both but I prefer the 360 because of the controller and the online aspect of it.
  10. StrifeCloud

    What game will you be getting next?

    Halo 4 is the next game on my list.
  11. StrifeCloud

    Do you ever fall asleep to anime?

    I do not normally fall asleep but I did a couple of times watching gunslinger girl, I just could not get into it.
  12. Just watched Trigun the movie and had a few laughs.
  13. StrifeCloud

    Who loved or Hated Ouran High

    I like it a lot, too bad there was no season 2