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  1. All im sayin is to try it ive had alot of success with doing that and the x-clamp fix alone dont always fix e74 and to fix it for free its about your best option also ive never had it tear one up and i dont recommend doing more than once if works great if it dont move on to x-clamp fix
  2. Ok so u get the e 74 what i do to fix these is take it back apart remove the dvd drive remove the white plastic fan housing under that you will find a black chip that says hana or ana take a blow dryer put it on its hottest setting and heat that chip up for about 4 mins moving slightly back and forth towards the gpu and the av hook up after you have heated it put pressure on it immediately be carefull though it will be hot and burn you after that hook it up dont worry bout the dvd drive or anything just see if it comes on if it does good if it dont try the x-clamp fix 20 dollars is not bad for a 360 and if you need any instructions for the x-clamp fix i have them just let me know they are pdf and have a list part and item numbers for lowes very detailed ihave had the blow dryer trick fix quet abit of them and the ones it dont fix the x- clamp fix did and the x-clamp fix works on the basis that the current x-clamp on it put pressure on the middle on the gpu and cpu causeing when it heats up to bow and break solder points gettin rid of them and puttin even pressure fixs these
  3. ive got to agree but i liked crisis core i dont much care for hand helds either final fantasy and zelda games are bout the only hand held games ive played
  4. I really hope they do 7 and 8 gotta say those where my 2 favs it seems they would i imagine it would sell out first day
  5. Would have to be VII its dark and gritty and i just really love that one
  6. Crap so everone thinks its bad and i bought it to day not got to play yet though
  7. Anyone know if there is any plans to remake 7?
  8. MewTwo cause he is Genetically enhanced
  9. The Message said i needed to post 5 times to download so i guess thats what i will do
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