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  1. Unfortunately there is a lot to say on a topic such as this. We'll start first with what religion basically is in its form. Religion in the begining, I have no doubts, was there to make human kind think they had an important purpouse in life. Its nice when you think about it, that we as people are higher up on the food chain then, lets say, a rabbit. But, think about it. How many people do you know would lose hope if they found out, in the definite sense, that the human exsistance had no end. That our deaths, the great equalizer, would come and then leave, offering no sanctuary afterwards. That's a pretty depressing idea/theory. There which comes religion. I doubt I'm the only person who thought of this. Otherwise there wouldn't be any religion. Religion is the "happy ending" of our story. The goody people go to heaven, the bad people go to hell. That's black and white and that's how happy ending's should be. Of course, through the time the meaning of it all has been blown out of porportion. I have a firm belief that heaven was just a bed-time story that children heard that made them think they would live after they die because, lets' face it, death is a scary thing. When you die that's it. You leave everybody and everything behind. Even for people who do believe in heaven and God could tell you this. And... (Rant's over.)
  2. Border Down -Dreamcast (Outdated I know, but i've cought a fairly strong case of Shmup "Shoot 'em up" fever and now I can't stop. Even though, god only knows, that I suck unbelivably terrible at this game. I can't even get the stage norm worth the life of me.)
  3. If anything the ease of things should make things easier. When people have no stress they tend to be calmer so I can't think that the ease of things we do now-a-days makes things harder. As for our minds being challenged, I think that in itself can't be the single reason for aggression. An uneducated man has proven in today's time to be more placid then today's college-bound youth. Why this is, I couldn't explain without covering this entire page with a layer of text. However, I can say that it partly lies in the social settings in which today's youth is now-a-days are being brought up. I won't say the fault lies with the parent's. That, while in some cases, IS indeed the cases, is not the case in this example. Generally, what the public sees as acceptable has increased out of porportion. The things generally seen on T.V. has long since killed all social standards. That's understandable to a sense, censorship use to be hell. But, in today's world the lack of is a contributing reason to the fall of moral integrity in society. Many channels such as VH1, MTV, BET, and maybe Comedy Central are fine examples of what has happened. Not to mention the shows such as Jerry Springer and the various Spike shows that pop up from time to time...
  4. Ha, when you look at it like that. The cause of this is our attatchment to the things that do not matter. People don't have as much... Intelligence.. As they did in the past.. Chivalry and the code of the gentlemen, are long gone..
  5. Ugh. Ufortunately I am part of this genereation that has no common sense and not a speck of logic. A kid gets a hissy fit, yes this happens often, but over something as stupid as this? There is no respect in today's youth for their elders and even more of these children and growing up with nothing on their mind. I can't place all the blame in the children, really, bad parenting is probably one of the causes of this situation. Parent's now a-days have lost the meaning of what old teachings they were given. A child is supposed to know that their parent would give them the world if they COULD. Not, as is this case, that the world revolves around the child. This is a large contributing factor of why youth's in today's age are getting more aggresive, fighting over things as simple as dirt on a shoe. There are no moral responsibilities in the majority of today's youth. Its a pity, it really is, that our morality is dying with the passing of each generation. Instead, moral rightousness has been replaced with the blood of children, shot over things that don't matter in the real world. The real world is anything you want it to be. I find that in the case of these "kids" the real world exsists inside a computer or a video-game system. I can sympathise with this situation, but I will not justify it. This kid deserves to be kicked out of his moms house. A little tough life on the street, god forbid a parent should go that far in this day and age, will really teach this kid a thing or to. What I think is the problem, is that people give their children too much for doing nothing. They don't discipline their children nearly enough which, I understand. Most parents of the older generation were beat to hell as children, or more.. restrained by rules of the house. But that's just the thing, they don't want their children to be unhappy so they take away all rules. However, there always needs to be rules. A kid that grows up with no rules in life grows up ignoring the rules OF life. That is yet another reason of why are jails are becoming increasingly filled with people of the newer generation. Life is easy for today's youth, that is for sure. All they have to do is go to school. That's it. There is nothing more important than school. All you have to do is do well in school, and chances are, you'll be able to go to college for free, and earn your trade/skill with minimum effort. But, unfortunately some kids think their only job is "pwning" the next guy in a Halo ranked match.
  6. bah. i disliked FXII you could gambit yourself a boss battle. what i mean is /set gambit. /final boss.. /leave... /comeback... /last scene the transition into the last boss battle was the most beautiful of all final fantasies though. How he's just walking and (not gonna spoil it) that was beautiful compared to all the others. I'd play it again just to see that.
  7. Elnidfse

    Favorite Anime

    why so double post? that aside. I also like GTO.
  8. If I wasn't so bad at it.
  9. Christopher Columbus didn't need directions and neither did we... ...priceless...
  10. no i mean like i play guilty gear way too much for it to be fun against the challenger ;D on a side note. CVS > guilty gear its unfortunate to say.
  11. Guilty gear? Bad choice. Its like blowing ya self up.
  12. Quick question. Would you consider a side scrooler shoot-em 'up i.e EspGaluda as a shooter?
  13. Yet another game in which you comment the character above. It can be something you think (as long as its relatively good-natured) to something such as the post number, when they joined, or what there sig is. (Have at it )
  14. I choose squall. Because everythign else is just a big hunk of steel.
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